Did you know that @Rayovac has Hearing Aid Batteries? (BOGO Code included!)

When I was growing up, I had the best friends that lived just a couple of miles from us that we used to play with all the time as kids. One was deaf in one ear, one was going deaf and one was completely deaf. I learned a lot about how to talk with them for so many years. I learned some sign language as a kid, but as an adult, I couldn’t remember it to save my life. LOL We are all still best of friends, 30 years later. I am proud to say that Rayovac supports healthy hearing.

OFF_Caution1When you were in school, do you remember getting hearing tests in the nurse’s office? I do! It is important to get children’s hearing tested at a young age because it allows you the time to start treatment.  The later hearing loss is identified the more likely the child is to develop impairment of speech, language and learning. You can read more about it here & here.

  • Common indications for hearing evaluation include:
    • Frequent or recurrent ear infections
    • Poor School performance
    • Child doesn’t respond to his or her name consistently
    • Child ask for words, phrases, or sentences to be repeated.
  • Monitor the volumes of children’s portable music players.  New warnings have been issued that state these music players may be damaging in your hearing if they are not used properly.  Listening at too high volumes for too long of periods, could lead to noise-induced hearing loss that occurs over time.

When my kids are playing a game on their iPad or playing with their DS, we always make sure to monitor the volume. Hearing is such a precious gift, we don’t want to harm it!

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Not only does Rayovac have alkaline and rechargeable batteries, they also have Hearing Aid Batteries.


No hearing aid battery lasts longer than Rayovac. The #1 choice of audiologists.

Where Superior Performance Meets Reliability
Experience the world’s longest lasting mercury-free hearing aid batteries. Now with increased voltage, hearing devices both big and small can be powered up faster than ever!
Ranked #1 in overall performance, Rayovac batteries for hearing aid are proudly made in the USA! Need a new battery for your hearing aid? Whether you use hearing aid battery 10, 13, 312, or 675, your choice of battery is guaranteed fresh!

Now through September 23rd, I am offering a BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE code for Hearing Aid Batteries

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For more information about Rayovac’s Hearing Aid Batteries and their many other battretry products, be sure to check them out at www.Rayovac.com. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. I had no idea that Rayovac had hearing aid batteries! That is pretty great!