Yup, it’s true – @Rayovac Indestructible Flashlights are Indestructible

We travel a lot and the kids are quite imaginative with their indoor and outdoor camping adventures, so when we were asked to check out Rayovac’s indestructible flashlights. Let’s just say that my son…. Well… he thoroughly enjoyed himself.

He was a tad bit excited… can you tell?

We took one of the flashlights outside to the sidewalk and let it go. What wasn’t caught on video was him throwing with his powerful left throw.

Virtually Indestructible LED 3AAA Camo Flashlight


  • High performance LEDs and 2 modes: 120 Lumens, 19 Lumens (energy saver)
  • Beam distance: 160 meters, 70 meters (energy saver)
  • Battery run time (alkaline batteries incl.): 5 hours, 40 hours (energy saver)
  • 30 Foot Drop Test Performance!
  • Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity Pattern
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • (3) AAA Rayovac alkaline batteries included

Virtually Indestructible LED 2AA Flashlight


  • High performance LEDs and 2 modes: 100 Lumens, 18 Lumens (energy saver)
  • Beam distance: 149 meters, 56 meters (energy saver)
  • Battery run time (alkaline batteries incl.): 15 hours, 35 hours (energy saver)
  • 30 Foot Drop Test Performance!
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • (2) AA Rayovac alkaline batteries included


What do we think about Rayovac’s Indestructibe Flashlights? We are in love! We take one with us wherever we go. Having kids with mega imaginations, they love camping in the house, or in the yard and they love their flashlights. I cannot begin to tell you how many flashlights that they’ve gone through this summer. They will play with them, drop them by accident, throw them (on purpose lol) or the insides will shake around until they sound like a baby rattle.


Traveling? Camping with the family? Camping ‘in’ with the kids? Our family highly recommends the Rayovac Indestructible Flashlights!

For more information, be sure to visit www.Rayovac.com. You can also find Rayovac on Twitter and Facebook.