More bang for your buck – Rayovac Lasts as Long!

If you would have asked me a year ago if I knew the difference in batteries, I would have told you ‘nothing’. That is true in most cases, however, what if you were to have the ability to buy batteries that included more in a package, lasted as long as the other guys, and were the same price? What .. More batteries, same power, for less? Yes! If you have seen how many things in my home that run on batteries, you may see why I am giddy about finding a battery that lasts just as long, but you get more in a package. Rayovac alkaline batteries can truly help your family and household’s items last as long as the other guys. It’s this simple: You get more bang for your buck!

How about even more savings? On March 29th, be on the lookout in your local newspaper for a coupon to save $1 off any pack of Rayovac alkaline or hearing aid batteries.

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I am a Rayovac sponsored Blogger. All opinions in this posting are 100% my own.


  1. I don’t mind rayovac…….I think they’re just as good as energizer 😉