Rayovac gave us Instant Power during a tornado & power outage! {New Power Packs!}

Last week, the kids and I were stranded right smack dab in the middle of the El Reno, Oklahoma tornadoes. Scared doesn’t even begin to describe the thoughts and feelings that were flowing through my body and through my kids’ minds. When we were alerted to evacuate our hotel rooms and head immediately to the storm shelter, one thing that I made sure to bring with us was our Rayovac Phone Boost, 2 & 7 hour power chargers. I am so glad I had them because we were in the storm shelter for a good three hours, and then when we were cleared to return back to our rooms, we were still out of power. My phone was slowly dying from searching for service, but I was able to randomly make short phone calls to loved ones and text very few people to let them know that we were ok, safe and unharmed. This was the day that I was able to really put Rayovac’s new products to good use.


Instant Battery Charger for Micro-USB Devices

4-24-13- ALL

The 2-Hour Power will give you an instant charge for your smart phone.  No charging cord? No outlet nearby? No problem. The Rayovac 2-Hour Power can give your device up to 2 hours of additional talk time. This new device comes with a powerful Rayovac CR123A battery, that provides a shelf life of 10 years. No cords needed. It’s perfect for on-the-go , sudden emergencies, or storm preparedness. The more batteries you have the more power you have. Rely on the Rayovac Battery you know and love to give your phone a quick boost of power. Once the battery is inserted, plug it into your mobile device and start powering up right away. Available in micro USB and iPhone.

  • Instant Emergency Power for your mobile device
  • Powered by 1 Rayovac Lithium CR123a battery
  • Each battery provides up to 2 hours of talk time*
  • Replaceable Battery. Use the power pack over and over
  • 10 year Battery Storage Life
  • Compatible with all Micro-USB connected devices
  • Great for travel, emergencies, kids, storm preparedness
  • Keep one in car, purse, briefcase, kid’s backpack
  • Compact. Easy to Carry. No cords needed!

This is also available for the iPhone/iPod

Price: $8.99

I cannot begin to express how much I love this tiny thing. It has a lithium battery inside so it gives you plenty of charge. I used this to give myself a good half charge during the evacuation, and I still had power left to help someone else boost their phone so they could call home and contact loved ones. My only wish for this product would be to have some sort of rechargeable lithium battery verses the regular lithium battery.

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Battery Power Pack for USB-Powered Devices



  • Instant Emergency Power for your mobile device
  • Powered by 4 Rayovac AA Alkaline Batteries (included)
  • One set of batteries provides up to 7 hours of talk time*
  • Compatible with all USB connector devices
  • Great for emergencies; No electricity needed
  • LED light indication – power and charge status
    *Based on iPhone 4S model

Price: $10.99

This came in handy with the kids’ iPod. They were scared while we were in the storm shelter, but this little bad boy was charged and ready to use. When the kids’ iPod started draining power, we plugged it in so they were able to continue playing games and keeping their minds off the storm. What did we do without electronics when we were kids??

Dual USB Car Charger



  • 2-port USB car charger for all your mobile device needs
  • Compatible with most devices that can be charged via USB
  • Charges with cords that come with your device (cords not included)
  • Powerful 2.1A output current
  • EasyFind Soft Glow LED Light

Price: $7.99

My SUV has USB outlets in it, but sometimes I need more. It seems that everything is powered by a USB cord of some sort. This is nice to have so we can use in the back outlet of the car for the kids’ electronics, or we can use in the front when the two main USB outlets are taken. Super small and easy to use.

Portable iPhone, Micro-USB Cell Phone Recharger



  • Compatible with Micro USB and Apple devices
  • Powered by a Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Use and recharge hundreds of times
  • Holds charge up to 12 months
  • Each charge provides 60 minutes of talk time*
  • Instant power when your device is plugged in
  • LED light indicates charging
  • Keychain attached for convenient power on the go
  • No cords! All connections are attached
    *Based on iPhone 4S model

Price: $12.99

Universal USB Wall Charger



  • Includes USB charger, to charge your devices in a standard wall outlet
  • Charges all USB devices including iPad
  • 1.0A output current
  • Fold out plug for easy storage and travel
  • EasyFind Soft Glow LED Light

Price: $7.99

When I travel, I always take along my Rayovac chargers. While I used them while randomly traveling, I never realized the importance that my phone was in emergencies until my babies and I were stranded, literally, stuck in a tornado with no form of power to communicate with loved ones. Shortly before we were out of power, I had packed an emergency bag that included some things for the kids to do including coloring books, colors, water, snacks, iPod/iPad, flashlight powered by Rayovac batteries & my 2 Hour Power, Phone Boost and 7 hour power. I was sharing power with anyone that needed it while we were in the storm shelter. By the end of the night, I had shared all my power, used what I had and still had plenty to go around should anyone need any power to call home.

Two words: Life. Saver.

Thank you to Rayovac for always being there for us when we need it, especially during the tornadoes in El Reno, OK last weekend!


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