Rayovac Powers our Vacation

We are getting ready to head to Texas for a week. It’s funny to me to see how many things that we use on a daily basis that takes batteries. While I am packing our clothes and things that we need for the week and holiday weekend, there are two things that are a must for any road trip (for us anyway!). Kambry’s Vtech game and my flash. Both are must have’s!

vacation rayovac

I couldn’t imagine how much money we would be spending on disposable batteries. Rayovac’s rechargeable batteries are our life saver! While it seems that our suitcase is already overflowing, I am confident to know that we will be powered while on the road.

Did you know that Rayovac batteries last just as long as the other guys, but you get more bang for your buck? If you don’t believe me, you can check out more information here. I never realized the savings that I could get, until we stopped to look at all the things in our home and lives that are battery powered. We are always changing batteries in something.

For more information about how Rayovac can save you money, be sure to check out Rayovac.com.

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