Storm Preparation tips from Rayovac

No matter where you live at, chances are, you were hit with snow during this massive snowstorm that just happened, or you are colder than you are used to. Luckily we haven’t lost our power with all of our snow. Yes, this is our front yard, and all the snow in our town!

Yup. That’s 21 inches of snow in my front yard. Lovely!

This winter has been a powerful one, that’s for sure! Are you prepared in case your power goes out during the storm? We are, thanks to Rayovac. Our home is powered with plenty of rechargeable batteries, extra flashlights that are handy to get to in case we need them right away, and even both my and hubby’s vehicles are storm ready. We both travel with flash lights, extra batteries, blankets, and yes, even non-perishable food in our trunks. We also make sure our cell phones are charged and we always make sure that the other knows where we are in case we get stranded.

Did you get pounded with snow? I’d love to see a picture if you did! How are you prepared for being snowed in?

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