Recycling food containers for pet food containers

I’m all about saving money and reusing things that are around the house or the containers from products that we buy. A couple of weeks ago, we brought home a baby puppy, Chloe. She’s just barely two pounds, so she doesn’t eat much… Just yet anyway. I have a nice stock pile of containers that I thought would be useful to reuse again, so I took out this container and mixed up some dog food for Chloe. The container is a large Parmesan cheese container from Sam’s Club. This is a huge container that I thought would be perfect to use for a DIY dog food container. I used a large bowl to mix her some dry food in with some soft puppy food so she can have the best of both worlds. This is also easy to pack in her puppy bag for when we travel.

DIY Recycled Dog Food Container Stoarge

DIY Recycled Dog Food Container Storage

Now, all I need to do is create a fun label for it. Do you reuse food containers?


  1. s.e. thomas says:

    I do reuse food containers for storage but hadn’t really thought of using them for pet treats. Thanks for the idea!