Sam’s Club Advantage Plus Membership saves us money! *Giveaway Closed*

Sams-Club-BadgeI will be honest when I tell you that I have never been in to coupon clipping or scoping for savings, that is – until I became a stay at home mother last year. We would just go to the store, whatever store was nearby regardless of the price, and get what we needed, or go without.

Well, guess what? I love my coupons and I will even brag about my coupon cutting, coupon organization and hey – hubby think’s it’s pretty cool that I am keen in to saving more. What we can save, we put aside in a savings ‘can’ that I have for traveling to New York next year. Savings = second honemoon. Hey, that’s nice!

I was more than thrilled to be one of 15 FABULOUS bloggers to work with Sam’s Club in a new program called “Sharing the Savings”. The other awesome savers in my group are:

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Thank you to Cat @ 3Kids and Us for creating the group image for us to use!

Sam’s Club has rolled out a new program that will allow their members to take part in a new paperless coupon system that they are implementing. I am very excited to be a part of this program!


It’s called eValues. It will offer additional discounts and offers, on top of their everyday savings, for Sam’s Club Plus Members only. Today, we went to Sam’s for the second time in a week. I know – bad me. 😳 When you see savings, you have to take those savings when you are able to! Just today, when I went in to Sam’s, I scanned my Sam’s Club Plus Member card and 4 pages of SAVINGS printed out – just for me! Well, having screaming kids in the house, I desperately needed some Advil, and today, I saved $3.00 on a large count of Advil. Bring on the screaming. Go ahead!


Not only will you get electronic discounts right off the bat, you won’t have to worry with clipping and forgetting your coupons on the car. This, I am very guilty of doing. With my Sam’s Club Plus Membership, I can save money on the things that I already purchase!

I wanted to take you through our entire shopping experience. Enjoy!

Kids are more than ready! They were so excited to see the double shopping cart. LOL!

First stop? Who can deny Sam’s pretzels and awesome snack area?

Not far from Pretzel’land, we walked by and Tucker saw these:

Here are some savings that I found right away. We go through a lot of cheese, butter and I made bread, almost daily! Who can pass up a 25 pound bag of bread floud for right around $7? Now that we have a larger fridge & freezer, we can fit things like snacks, steaks, cheese and more!

The clothing selection – oh, holy moly! Fabulous!!

If you need underwear, Sam’s is the place to go. Kim really loves their under garments 😆


Do you think I am happy to save? You bet!

There was just one thing that I was sad not to see. Oscar Mayer Weiners. Tucker was too. 😆


Guess what? I have another Sam’s Club Plus Membership to give away! If you missed the giveaway last month, it’s ok! I have more to give away!

Sams-Club-Advantage-PlusWhat you win

  • One (1) reader will receive a Sam’s Club Advantage Plus Membership, valued at $100

How to enter

  • I want to hear how YOU save money! Tell me all about it and how a Sam’s Club Advantage Plus Membership can help save you money!

Extra Entries

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  1. I save money by combining coupons with sales when grocery shopping. A a Sam’s Plus Membership can save me money by allowing me to get gas at lower prices than at other gas stations.

  2. i save money with ad matches and coupons

  3. I save money by using coupons. A Sam’s club membership would save money because I could buy in bulk.

  4. I save money by using coupons and watching sales. I know that a lot of things sam’s sells in bulk I can get for cheaper than at the grocery store!

  5. I know they are supposed to have alot of coupons.

  6. I save money by checking various deals websites and clipping coupons and comparing deals in flyers. I think Sam’s club can benefit me because they offer such tremendous discounts! It would be great.

  7. Michelle H. says:

    I buy certain items for my large family in bulk, such as flour and cocoa, and I shop sales and use coupons in the supermarkets and drugstores.

  8. I have to admit, as I’ve gotten older, I have realized that I just don’t enjoy shopping as much as I used to. I refuse to pay full-price for clothes most of the time, and if I do, I go home and think about it REEEAAAAL hard. I’ve also found ways to buy things online for a fraction of the cost in the real world. Yay! Plus, there are online coupons and automatic rebates. Double-yay!
    I think Sam’s will help when it’s time for me to buy and stock the deep freeze. That’s coming…soon.

  9. Veronica Garrett says:

    I use coupons and shop sales. I comparsion shop and buy in bulk. A sam’s Club Advantage Plus Membership would save me money on food and household goods by buying in bulk. I wouldn’t have to wait for sales.

  10. Angela Gaffke says:

    I save money by buying things in bulk when they are on sale. I would love to buy in bulk at Sams Club!

  11. I have always been a coupon clipper and combine the savings with store sales. The only thing I didn’t like about shopping in a warehouse store was not being able to use coupons. This new program sounds great and I would love to begin shopping at Sam’s Club.

  12. I save money by looking for good sales and coupons, but this would help me save and stock up too

  13. I try not to shop when I am hungry, or I buy stuff that I don’t need. It would be great to have a Sam’s membership because their gas station is very cheap, and they have awesome samples!

  14. I save money by buying in bulk and sharing with my in-laws and neighbors. They give me tomatoes.

  15. I clip coupons of course but I also price shop for the bigger items.. Or if I know Wednesday you get an extra 5% off your items then I shop at that store on Wednesdays… If shopping online I go through my rebate site and then price shop again.. My family in different states will actually call me and ask me to find them the best price on things… Yes, I am that good… However, sometimes it’s those daily items that you need help with… Buying in Bulk at Sams would help out since we are watching what we spend…

  16. I always comparison shop. Before I buy a new DVD, I check out and see who has the best price. When we’re in Wal-mart, we’ll look at every package of the same thing and see what’s the best deal. Sometimes the larger package is cheaper per ounce and sometimes not, even within the same brand. It always pays to look at everything available before buying.

  17. I save money by using coupons and shopping sales. Unless it’s on sale and I have a coupon, it doesn’t exist.

  18. kay wolter says:

    We love Sam’s club and their gas is so much less expensive…Please pick Us We are unemployed and going under fast…thank you

  19. Sherry E. says:

    I use coupons and do comparison shopping a lot. I like to use my coupons for items that are on sale. I also try to get more for my money by comparing cost and ounces. I would absolutely love to try the Sam’s Club Plus membership!! I think the e values sound wonderful! It would save a whole lot of time, due to the fact I wouldn’t be clipping coupons, and could get all my items in one place, and I could be saving money as well..with the awesome prices!!

  20. I save money by staying out of stores. I buy what I need at thrift stores. I currently have a Costco membership and buy food there. I would imagine that I could get some of the same savings at Sam’s Club. Thanks for the contest.

  21. I always use coupons. I could buy things in bulk, and that would save me even more money. Thanks

  22. It helps save money by stocking up on things. Not so many little trips to the store that usually end up costing more then planned.

  23. Gabriel J. says:

    Coupons! We love to use coupons to save a few bucks!

  24. I save money but cutting out coupons and waiting for items to go on sale. I also purchase items I use regularly in bulk.

  25. Kimberly Murat says:
  26. Kimberly Murat says:

    A few years ago I had a Costco membership but I let it expire. I have ever since been contemplating getting another membership card to one of the wholesale store. It is a fantastic way to save money! Right now, before i go food shopping I do three things that save me money:
    1. I look at the store flyer and make a list
    2. I have coupons ready and check for coupons on the internet
    3. I eat right before going to the store. I overindulge and spend a lot of extra cash on food I do not need if I skip this step so i consider it the MOST important!

  27. I buy store brands and use coupons to save money

  28. amy delong says:

    I use coupons,look for sales!I would love this to buy in bulk&save some more money!

  29. Buying in bulk would be wonderful. It really is a great way to save money.