Save time & Shout It Out! #Giveaway #ShoutItOut {Ends 7/16}

Shout It Out Giveaway | Mommy Goggles
We live in a dirty world, in a dirty house. There’s no doubt about it. My kids are 9 and 6 and love to get dirty, so their clothes are always a challenge to get and stay clean. That’s where Shout is here to help, and we need help. this is my life. Welcome to my dirty life. LOL

Shout It Out Giveaway | Mommy Goggles

If you’re familiar with stains, then you’ll know that mud is a bugger to get out. We tried several things, but the only thing that really worked was Shout. I am proud and honored to be working with Shout on a fun campaign!

I’m so excited to be a runner in The Color Run that’s coming up in September with a fellow blogger, Sarah.

Shout It Out Giveaway | Mommy Goggles

Shout sent us all the gear that we need to get dirty & all the Shout we need to Shout It Out.

Shout It Out Giveaway | Mommy Goggles

Here’s what we received to try for ourselves:

  • Shout Trigger
    Shout® Trigger is packed with stain-fighting ingredients and enzymes to quickly penetrate, break up and remove tough stains. Retails for $3.29.
  • Shout Color Catcher
    Shout® Color Catcher® sheets absorb and trap loose dyes in your wash water, protecting clothes against color bleeds and helping preserve original colors. Retails for $4.49.
  • Shout Advanced Ultra Gel Brush
    Shout® Advanced Ultra Gel Brush combines powerful Shout® stain fighters in a thick gel formula with a convenient stain-lifting brush to penetrate and remove your toughest stains. Retails for $3.59.
  • Shout Wipes
    Shout® Wipes are made portable, so you can use them to remove on-the-go stains right away. Wherever stains happen, Shout® Wipes are there. Retails for $2.79.

When it comes to stain removal, it shouldn’t be a challenge. Laundry, itself, shouldn’t be a challenge. I have time that I’d rather spend with my family; not fighting with laundry. Each product that we received was very easy to use and it saved a lot of time. We just moved in to a new home, so our yard is bigger (more grass stains), we’ve been doing a lot of building in the basement (pit stains), marker & crayon stains in clothes & bedding… the list goes on and on. Shout has truly helped me save time with my laundry!

All this year, Shout® is sponsoring The Color Run as a way to celebrate and help Americans find their fun again. From May 5-September 30, 2014, Americans can enter to win a fun-filled, dream vacation to experience a Color Run in New Zealand by posting a photo on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #ShoutItOut #enter.

Be sure to visit ShoutItOut and for more information.

In celebration to help you save time with your laundry, Shout is sponsoring a fabulous package for one lucky winner!


  • 2 Race Tickets to one of The Color Run races  
  • Shout Color Run Swag
  • All 4 Shout Products as listed above

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