simplehuman Fingerprint-Proof Butterfly Trash/Recycler

I have a confession to make. I have never recycled, nor have I have any ooph to recycle, nor did I have any knowledge of recycling until I moved until the Midwest. I am from the South and we never were taught about recycling when I was growing up. Now that I am on my own, own a home, have kids and work at home, I have learned a lot about recycling. Not only does recycling help our environment, but here in the Midwest, we are able to take our cans in to the recycling center and get paid per can that we return. While we have to pay a deposit on the cans in the first place, it’s nice knowing that we aren’t just throwing away money. In my kitchen, I have been looking for something to hold my recycling in my kitchen, and I found this from trash recycler from simplehuman.

simplehuman™ Fingerprint-Proof Butterfly Trash/Recycler


Made of fingerprint-proof brushed stainless steel, this sleek recycler has two removable plastic bins for separating recyclables. Designed to fit in small spaces or under a kitchen island or countertop, it has a space-saving split lid that opens wide enough to admit a gallon-size milk container, yet gives the can a total height of only 30 1/2″ when open.

  • Slim design with butterfly lid fits in tight areas and under most standard-height kitchen counters.
  • Two pull-out plastic liners allow for sorting and separating recyclables.
  • 10-gallon capacity.
  • Steel foot pedal for neat, convenient, no-hands opening.
  • Lid closes automatically, slowly and quietly.
  • The brushed-stainless-steel finish hides fingerprints and wipes clean easily.
  • Use with simplehuman size-D liners or standard 8- to 10-gallon trash bags.

Price: $159.95

I love everything about the simplehuman™ Fingerprint-Proof Butterfly Trash/Recycler! It holds two sections of recyclables. We use one side for cans and the other for paper. These are the two that we use the most in our house. While we have a recycle center on our deck, this helps the kids learn more about recycling and where to put it that’s accessible to them.


I love that it has a foot pedal.


The top opens so you can choose which bin you would like to use. Once you release the foot pedal, the top doesn’t just slam down, it slowly releases. I love this!


The inside has two bins where you can choose what your preference is for recycling. We have cans on the left (black) and paper/cardboard on the right (blue).


With the stainless steel, it matches just about every kitchen out there. I love that it’s ‘fingerprint proof’. With two little ones in the house, there are fingerprints on everything! I don’t have to go around after them wiping fingerprints off everything behind them. How much does it hold? A lot. A whole lot. It has a 10 gallon capacity and with the storage space available.

Overall, love the simplehuman™ Fingerprint-Proof Butterfly Trash/Recycler is well worth the $159.95 for all that you get. If you have a new kitchen, this is perfect. If you have an older kitchen, this is still perfect! My kids are 3 1/2 and almost 6 and with the convenience, organization and affordability of this Recycler, it’s well worth the money.

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  1. I love this trash can and simple human! I have one of these and it’s great.

  2. Fritter says:

    I like many things about this trash can / recycler! I love the fact that it doesn’t hold fingerprints- AND I love that it is so slim- and that it combines both. Nice work Simplehuman!