Send a Tasty Gift of Love from Simply Put Gourmet



Oh. My. Gosh.

I am in absolute heaven over here. As I am typing, I have chocolate and cookie crumbles falling in to my keyboard. You are probably thinking “Is she doing a review on cleaning products?” Not at the moment, but I will need something to fly away the crumbs from my lap after I am done. 😛

I had a great YUMMY opportunity to check out what I think is one of the best gift ideas I have ever seen! Why give the gift of flowers? They die in a couple of days. While food is eaten, giving a gift such as that from Simply Put Gourmet, you are giving a very unique, gift with a smile that will leave the recipient licking their fingers and begging for more! Here are a few that I had the pleasure of inhaling tasting. 

M&M® Pretzel
Pretzel Dipped in Milk Chocolate, topped with M&Ms® and drizzled with White Chocolate. Package of 6 each. $10.00

Cookies and Crunch
Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzel drizzled with White Chocolate and Sprinkled with Sweet Crunchy Cocoa Bits and drizzled again with White Chocolate and a few more Cocoa bits to top it off. Package of 6 each. $10.00

It’s a Boy
Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzel drizzled with White Chocolate and topped with Blue Non-Pareils. Package of 6 each. $10.00

It’s a Girl
White Chocolate Covered Pretzel topped with Pink and White Sprinkles. Package of 6 each. $10.00

Sweetheart Chocolate Pretzel
Dark Chocolate Dipped Pretzel topped with 3-colored mini heart decoratifs. Package of 6 each. $10.00

The packaging when this arrived was so pretty, I was scared to open it. Hubby was making fun of me because I had to take pictures of this great box!  







There are so many times that I would love to send a gift to someone, but the thought of flowers is out of the question and I just get bored searching around for an idea to send to them. Walah! Simply Put Gourmet is where I will be looking at when I have that special someone to send a ‘Thank you‘, ‘Thinking about you’, or ‘Just Because’ gift.


Not in to pretzels? Simply Put Gourmet has tasty cracker and cookie treats, as well as seasonal and a wide variety of gift baskets for that special someone. Check out for more  information!


  1. LOL Amanda! Yes, they are yummy! I had to close the box and walk away from them. 😛

  2. drooling here….. YUMMMMMMM

  3. these are making me so hungry right now. I am jealouse that you are eating them and I am not

  4. The chocolate m&m pretzel is calling my name. I love chocolate and pretzels together- and m&ms are my favorite chocolate candy! yum they all look so good- i might be licking the ocmputer screen

  5. Looks yummy! Very detailed in creation and design packaging as well!