ISOTONER smarTouch gloves

I live in the Midwest, so at least half of our year includes painful cold and snow. While I travel a lot for media events, as well as for family travels, I have my phone in hand pretty much all the time. I don’t have time to take my gloves off and reply to a text or take my gloves off to swipe my phone screen to answer a phone call. With ISOTONER smarTouch® gloves, I am able to keep my gloves on while still able to use my phone with the touchscreen or even my iPad.

ISOTONER smarTouch® gloves


With smarTouch® gloves from ISOTONER®, you can operate handheld touchscreen devices while wearing gloves. They are compatible with most touchscreen devices including smartphones, mp3 players, ATM’s, gas pumps and GPS devices.

  • The thumb and index finger are embroidered with conductive thread that conveys an electrical impulse to the touchscreen. This unique patent pending construction gives these gloves exceptional performance, allowing for pinpoint accuracy.
  • Signature stretch materials provide superior fit and flexibility
  • The non-slip palm improves grip
  • Water repellent


I chose the black with Pink gloves. Cute, aren’t they?


I love the ways these fit, the way they feel and the way they make it easy for me to use my phone and my iPad and even my GPS. Last year, we reviewed the men’s version of the smarTouch gloves. While the men’s version does work with women, the fit of the women’s gloves are tighter and to me, the material on the new version seems more fitting than the previous gloves.

On the gloves, they have the conductive threading on the index fingers and thumbs that create that electrical impulse – in other words, it allows your device (phone, iPad, touchscreen device) to be recognized by your touch.




Overall, I LOVE everything about the smarTouch gloves! Now, when we have our frigid winters, I will still be able to keep my hands warm while being able to maneuver around with my phone, iPad, and GPS while traveling. With the media events that I attend, these are a must for packing so I can easily keep in contact with my followers, Tweet, Facebook and keep in contact with my family while on the road … while keeping my hands warm.

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