Skincare at Sam’s Club? YES! Sophyto – Organic Science. Natural Beauty.

Things have been so chaotic lately with being reconnected with a family member that I haven’t seen in 13 years that I haven’t had a chance to tell you all about my amazing experience to Arkansas to meet with Sam’s Club just a few short weeks ago. I promise I will get that posted soon! I have so many pictures and information to share with you all, so I apologize for being delayed on that.

One reason why I was invited to Arkansas last month was to be introduced to a new organic skin care line that I was so impressed with and had to try it out for myself at home (other than just for a couple of hours on location) and tell you all my thoughts on. I will be the first to admit that I am not the smartest person when it comes to organic items. When I say organic, I mean anything ranging from food, clothing and even skin care. I had no idea that skincare could even be classified as organic. When I think about skincare, I think about that purple tube of face wash that hubby insists on buying every month, yet I tried it once and my skin felt like it was going to fall off. Because of that one time of trying that one particular face wash, I have pretty much kept myself away from just about anything on my face, with the exception of water; plain-ol-water.

Sure, I wonder about my skin, but that’s why I just wanted to use water; I thought water was all that I needed. Well, water wasn’t getting out the nasty things that were stuck in my pores and causing my breakouts, so I was really excited to make this trip to learn more about Sophyto.

A Natural Brand
Extensive research was conducted by the Sam’s Club private label team to determine what was important to their Members with regard to skin care, health & beauty, and wellness. After poring through the research the most natural fit was to bring the Sophyto® collection exclusively to Sam’s Club.

Inspired by nature and backed by science, Sophyto® is a breakthrough line of professional anti-aging skin care products previously only available through dermatologists. By adding Sophyto® to its product line, Sam’s Club is making high-end natural skin care available to its Members at a value they have come to expect.

A Natural Entrepreneur
Karen Sinclair Drake’s personal quest searching for the “right” product line has taken many years. In fact it was so frustrating she quit her job in fashion and hit the books. Many years later she finally became a member of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists and set out to research how topical products interact and influence our skin and body.

Working with genius chemists and doctors, Karen found inspiration from complementary and alternative medicine, which emphasizes the body’s innate ability to heal and maintain itself. Taking this identical concept and applying it to skin care supported the same theory that the skin too had the ability to defend, heal and maintain itself. It’s remarkable to see how many issues are addressed and improved upon sometimes using just one product. This holistic approach allows our body to interact with ingredients from natural origin that are formulated to optimize absorption and functionality.

Sophyto’s initial launch in 2008 at the American Academy of Dermatologists garnished endorsements and support from high profile Dermatologists, Neurologists, Integrative Doctors and Estheticians. The product collection produces remarkable results and Karen remarks, “as a 50 year old woman using Sophyto®, I hope – like me – your search for the “right” product line is now over.”

I am 34 years old and haven’t really put too much thought in to the skin aging process; some, but not too much, until I visited with the creator of Sophyto, Karen Sinclair Drake. What a doll she was! I would have expected her to be 30, maybe35 years old – not a lady in her 50’s. She demonstrated on a few people what her products did, felt like and taught us the ingredients (who would have thought fruits and stuff that you could actually eat!) behind Sophyto. I was leery because I have such sensitive skin, so I didn’t do one of her on hand demonstrations, however I was able to take her products, look at them, smell them, test them on my palms, then I felt confident enough to touch my face – no reaction, so this made me so eager to try them out even more!

Once I got home, I started using Sophyto.

Looks like a lot, I know, but don’t let this picture scare you! These are all from a combination of the Anti-Aging Kit, as well as the Daily Renewal Kit. You can get either kit, or both. I have been using both actually. I really like the way my face feels after I use it. I have been working out pretty hard core for a few months to get in shape, and .. well… my face has had some adult acne breakouts from my sweating, working out and overall diet change. I never realized all that my body handled until I changed my entire lifestyle and diet. Once I started eating differently, my face texture, pores and overall appearance started to change as well. Sounds weird, huh? While my new found acne hasn’t been cured by my water routine, so far, Sophyto has been nice to my skin, allowed it to breathe and has been a routine to my daily routine of working out, shower and completely washing my face.

Before, I would use a pretty pricey moisturizer to keep my face hydrated.

Well, my face may have been hydrated from this moisturizer; I can assure you that it wasn’t clean before putting it on; hence the lovely acne that I was enduring. My face wasn’t getting clean after my workouts, even in the shower with just water and a washcloth, nor were the pricey disposable towelettes working. After just a couple of weeks of straight use, my face looked clean, it was clean, it felt better and it looked better.. OH.. and my skin doesn’t feel like it’s about to peel off of  my face. That’s a plus, right?! Did my workout acne stop? I will tell you that from going to nothing, to using Sophyto, I did have some breakouts, but my skin wasn’t used to using anything at all; other than water. After a few days of use, I noticed that my skin was clearing up. I was beyond happy! I still have some acne, but this is sparked from my workout routines, sweating and diet changes that I’ve gone through – this is all normal, but nothing to cause alarm to myself.

Ok , down to the nitty gritty:

How much is Sophyto? The Sophyto Phytotherapy Anti-Aging Care Kit used to only be available in your dermatologists office for just shy of $100.00. Sam’s Club offers this kit for $34.98. Guess how much I paid for just the one moisturizer that I showed you above what I was using before Sophyto? $45.00 for just the moisturizer and it isn’t organic and after reading the ingredients, it honestly made me freak out a bit. I am very excited to continue my use with Sophyto. I am excited to actually use a skin care line, and most of all, I am excited about the price and that my face isn’t on fire after I use it. Who shouldn’t happy about that?

For more information and to locate a Sam’s Club near you that sells Sophyto, please visit

Sam’s Club provided me with a Sophyto product pack and compensation for my participation in this campaign, however all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. If I did not like this product, I would tell you what I didn’t like – or I wouldn’t include it on my blog.

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  1. 7

    i am totally into organic skincare because our body absorbs everything through the skin and goes directly into the bloodstream from what i have read!! :-)


  2. 8

    These products sound awesome and you can’t beat that price! sammiejanL40 at aol dot com


  3. 9

    Hi Tanya – thanks for the great article. I remember you sharing with me the issues you had had in the past using skincare, so imagine my sheer delight at reading your positive experience with the Sophyto products. I won’t deny you made me smile by thinking I was 35 (ish) as opposed to my ripe old age of nearly 51 :good: I can only put it down to using Sophyto every day and never losing my love for chocolate :heart: Thanks again for the article and I hope we all get to meet again soon. Big hugs all round, Karen xoxoxoxox :bye:


  4. 10

    I had really bad acne when I was in Jr. High. I only get it now during my aunt flo. These products sound good. :)


  5. 11

    It really is good, isn’t it?! I was pleasantly surprised because like you I am SO reluctant to let anything even touch my face. My skin actually feels great and fresh.

    And yeah, Karen totally looks younger than 50, she’s gorgeous!


  6. 12

    I’ve been really happy with my sophyto, too. i’m glad it didn’t make your face feel like it was falling off. that would just be terrible since you have such a pretty face.



  7. 13

    You know, I have had more breakouts as an adult than I ever did as a teen. I love how soft and clean this line makes my face feel!!!


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