Start your cool, Fall morning off with Millstone Coffee

We are pretty big coffee drinkers in our house. I never expected us to be, but with fall sneaking up on us, we are drinking it more and more. We love trying new and different flavors so when we were asked to try out Millstone Coffee, we were eager to try this new brand and these flavors.

Millstone Coffee | Mommy Goggles

Millstone CoffeeMillstone Coffee | Mommy Goggles

Millstone’s premium, slow-roasted coffee is truly “A Cup Above the Rest,” inspiring adventure and offering coffee lovers an incomparable coffee experience right in the comfort of their own kitchen. Now, they’re offering two new varieties – Millstone® Mayan Black Onyx™ and House Blend™.


This is our newest coffee, ideal for those who prefer a darker, more exotic roast. It’s a full-bodied blend of the finest Arabica beans the world has to offer, with a rich, aromatic finish.

Our thoughts: Mayan Black Onyx –
(Dark Roast) If you like dark roasted coffee, this blend is for you. I love the smells of dark coffee, but it’s too ‘much’ for our taste. The taste is pretty amazing, we just have to dilute it due to it being pretty potent.

Millstone Coffee | Mommy Goggles


Our House Blend is a well-balanced and flavorful coffee with a smooth finish made possible by slow, nuanced roasting. And every sip makes you feel at home.

Our thoughts: House Blend –
(Medium Roast) This blend is a lot lighter than the Mayan Black Onyx; it’s more of your regular blend that most of you have tried or drink on a daily basis. It’s very smooth and a perfect breakfast blend. Hubby enjoys his House Blend each morning as we are all getting ready to start our day, with cinnamon rolls or muffins.

Millstone Coffee | Mommy Goggles

Confused as to what the different roasts are? Here’s a quick comparison between all the Millstone Coffee blends.


Are you a coffee drinker? What is your roast preference? Hubby leans more towards the light and medium roasts, and the breakfast blends. Both the House Blend & the Mayan Black Onyx were both great coffees and we are eager to try the other Millstone Coffee roasts and flavors.

For more information, be sure to visit You can also find them on Facebook.


  1. Janice Clouds says:

    That Black Onyx looks like it would be really strong, but MillHouse makes a pretty good brew.