Subway gives back with School Rewards *Review & Giveaway* (Closed)

sweetonionchickenteriyamd7We live in a small town. When I saw small, I say tiny. We have a junky fast food place and (you guessed it) a Subway. You would think my 4 year old would want to go to the fast food place to get a kids’ meal, but where does he want to go? Subway! I never got in to Subway until I met my husband. I thought it was all greenery, plain sandwiches (can you tell I am a meatatarian?), but boy was I wrong! For the last 7 years that I have been with hubby, anytime we travel and need to grab a bite on the go, we always stop at Subway. Sometimes I will get a sandwich that is lower in calories like a ham and cheese on wheat or roast beef on wheat, but here and there I will splurge and get a Subway Chicken Pizziola Sub. I know.. I know. Over 400 calories in one sandwich, so when I desire it, I do still count it for my calorie intake for the day.

Another thing that I LOVE about Subway, other than the drooling Chicken Pizziola Sub, is that Subway gives back. I am very active in my community’s schools, so anything I can do to help, helps them and it makes me feel great knowing I was able to help out. Subway has a new program called “School Rewards”. SUBWAY now rewards you for dining with them! Simply load any SUBWAY card with any desired amount and go online to link it to your child’s school. Your school will then receive a percentage of your purchases to be used however they wish! If you are active Subway visitors, this is a great plan for you to help give back!

The great thing is that anyone can participate…give teachers, Aunt Sue or Grandma a pre-loaded and pre-linked Subway card for the holidays and they can give back to your school all year long! Share the info with your PTA, the football coaches and anyone else that can help you champion this healthy and worthwhile initiative at your school!

What is a great holiday git idea? Who doesn’t love food gift cards? We have been buying for holiday gifts and have already purchased a few Subway cards to add to our loved ones’ gifts.

Sure, we all know who Jared is, that is a huge weight loss spokesperson for Subway. When it comes to child obesity, we all want the best for our youth. With my Subway kit, I also received a Random Acts of Fitness Kit. This is so awesome! I can use it, but I thought it would be better to send it on to my local school, I donated it to our local school so that they are able to help combat child obesity in their classroom. This cool curriculum helps kids learn to be healthy and active throughout the year! For more information, please go to

Mommy Goggles Review Policy: I received a gift card to Subway, for this posting. We are avid Subway fans, before this gift card was provided to my family, at no cost, by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. I do not accept monetary compensation for reviewing or writing about products. I only review products that I have personally tested and used in my home, and all opinions expressed are my own. If we didn’t like Subway, we wouldn’t be writing about them.

I have a FABULOUS gift prize for one lucky winner!

What you win

  • A $100.00 Subway Gift Card

How to enter

  • Do you have school aged kids? Post to me how you keep your school aged (or younger) kids active. Tucker is 4 and when it is cold out, we play active games inside to make sure we are ALL active.

Extra Entries

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  1. We go for walks.

  2. We play wii fit.

  3. I don’t even have to ask my child to be active. ADHD. That kid will be watching a show on TV and ask to use the elliptical. She breaks out a sweat playing Wii. It’s exhausting just watching her.

  4. Jennifer Jozwiak says:

    My little one isn’t school-age yet so i keep myself active by pushing her in her stroller.

  5. Bike Riding and outdoor games 🙂

  6. Phyllis Jenkins says:

    Grandma sent play rugs which are games like hopscotch, mother-may-I and ring toss.

  7. take the kids to the musem ty

  8. We live about a quarter mile from the in-laws, so we get the kids to walk there on a regular basis. (We can also walk to Subway!)

  9. Kathy Rambousek says:
  10. Kathy Rambousek says:

    My boys love being outside and I really don’t have to even encourage them. They ride bikes, climb trees, play tag….

  11. We stay active by going to the park

  12. We like to spend a lot of time at the park.

  13. I keep my 6 yr old son active by playing the Wii when it is too cold or rainy to go outside. Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. We play faimly games, hide and seek.

  15. Deb Anderson says:

    The Wii has been the best thing I’ve bought the kids in years. They actually love playing the more physical games and it lets them indulge their video game habit but really keeps them active. Love it!

  16. I don’t have any kids yet but I keep active by using the treadmill and workout dvds.

  17. Veronica Garrett says:

    I don’t have to get my kids motivated. They are eager to sign up for sports such as soccer. We have always did outside active activities as a family.

  18. Charlene Kuser says:
  19. Charlene Kuser says:

    We play games like hide and seek,Twister,and musical chairs.

  20. Amanda Galloway says:

    During the warmer months, I think it’s great to have outside activities that are readily accessible for kids such as a badminton net or a basketball hoop. And a trip to the park is always fun. When it’s colder out, I think the Wii Sports & Wii Sports Resort games are great family activities.

  21. My boys are involved in a lot of activities…sports, cub scouts, and such, and they are always active!

  22. Kerrie Mayans says:

    My kids are involved in indoor soccer year round a few times a week which keeps them active and fit. They also are in swimming lessons in the winter since we have more free time then to go to the indoor pool in our area.

  23. Thanks for the giveaway…We strictly enforce a no TV / video game ban during the school week, so the kids either play outside or are engaged in supervised after-school sports related activities.

  24. I make sure we walk through the neighborhood often!

  25. Annemarie says:

    To keep active, we use a variety of games on the Wii with my boyfriend’s daughter!!

  26. Sharon Rooney says:
  27. I have one 20 month old who loves to go on walks and climb on the couch, etc. I also nanny a 2 year old and 4 year old. We love to go to park and walks plus we play games all the time to keep them moving!

  28. ellen Beck says:
  29. My nephew is 3 so he runs through the house all time. He gets lots of exercise.

  30. When its Too cold out we bundle the kids up and let them go out any way in half hour slots.
    Sometimes we take them to the indoor museum to run. Its a large and theres plent of things to keep them learning and exploring

  31. I have a 2 year old daughter and to stay active we go for walks to check the mail – this is quite a trek being 1/4 mile long driveway!

  32. I think games like Wii are great for the winter days. They can stay active while they stay warm and cozy inside the house.

  33. We go to the park, A LOT! The kids love to play tag and when I’m “it” we all win! Tons of running around and I get nice, tired kids in the evening.

  34. Michelle M says:

    My daughter is not in school anymore, but when she was she was on the school basketball team and was on our town’s recreation soccer team, which has fall and spring seasons. My father and brother were the head coaches and I was an assistant coach. She was extremely active.

  35. My entire family are members of a local gym! My children also take bi-weekly swimming lessons at our community YMCA!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    Please, include my family and I into your giveaway drawing!

    Good Luck and Happy Holidays to all!

  36. I don’t have kids but my husband and I stay active by making exercise fun!

  37. I don’t have school aged children but I think that parents should allow kids to play outside… They get so much exercise running and jumping and just being kids.

  38. My daughter is not of school age yet but we try spend some time outside every day, even if it is just a 30 minute walk in not so good weather. During nice weather we are out there much longer than that. We have also signed up at the Y and participate in what they have to offer.

  39. I have a daughter, 13, and a son, 10 who keep active by playing Wii! We also take walks with our dog or anything we can come up with 😀

  40. We get into different kicks to stay active. LIke running around the circle that is made by the various rooms in our house. Or doing situps and pushups. You get the picture! When it is warm out we walk our dog!

  41. We play the Wii often. Nothing like playing bowling or baseball inside. My daughter loves wii sport she is very competitive.

  42. I keep my kids busy by flying indoor model airplanes.

  43. My kids are 6, 2 and 3 months.. My two older kids stay active playing the wii and going outside for a little bit

  44. We stay active by going on family walks 🙂

  45. My two children participate in organized sports and also do things like swim in the summer, bike, etc. We love subway too!!! Thanks.

  46. Jessica G says:

    I have a 4.5 y/o and a 17 y/o and as a family (including our dog, Nuna) we take to the nature trails near our house at least 2 times a week. Walking an average of 5 miles (little one usually rides her bike so we can move faster.) We also PLAY actively outside, and love snowboarding!

  47. Tara Hill says:
  48. Tara Hill says:

    My oldest is almost two. We love to go outside and play on his swingset or play fetch! He learned it from the dog and loves to play!

  49. Aniela R. says:

    My kids are 11, 6, and a baby. When it’s cold out they still go outside, at least for a little bit. Inside they play basketball on our hoop that’s attached to the wall or play active games on Wii.

  50. Happi Shopr says:

    A wii keeps us active

  51. My “children” are all adults but when they were smaller it was ice skating outside and fun games like charades, hide and seek, or Twister inside.

  52. My son plays baseball, when its cold outside we play on the Wii, thanks!

  53. Jennifer M says:

    We walk to our neighborhood park to play so we’re active even on the journey there.

  54. christina singer says: