Get clean with Swiffer Sweeper *Review & Giveaway!*



With all this Spring Cleaning, I like to make sure I have my entire basis covered. Now that my floors are steam cleaned, how am I going to keep them clean when the muddy shoes come in from playing outside? I had the chance to try out the ever so awesome Swiffer Sweeper and I have to say that I love it! I have seen them in the stores, but never really put too much thought as to how they work and most importantly.. DO they work? Yes they work and they work nicely, I might add! new-sweeper-073

Swiffer just launched the newly designed Swiffer Sweeper, a two-in-one product that features dry cloths that trap and lock 50 percent more dirt, dust and pet hair than a broom and a 360°swivel-head floor cleaner to get into hard to reach places (like corners, edges and under the couch where pet hair can hide).

What is the Swiffer Sweeper?
With all the benefits of the original Swiffer Sweeper, allowing you to sweep and mop with one simple tool, the NEW Swiffer Sweeper uses dry sweeping cloths to trap and lock fifty-percent more dirt, dust, hair and pet dander than a broom! The 360° swivel-head also helps reach into tough spots like corners and edges where brooms can’t always go.

In addition to its innovative technology, it also has new design elements:

  • Stronger and deeper corner cleaning
  • Soft, ergonomic handle grip for better control
  • Head size to allow more utilization of cloths
  • Dry cloths have been improved for better pickup of dust, dirt and pet hair
  • Wet cloths have a new texture to mop and scrub to a shine

Here is what you get when you buy a Swiffer Sweeper.
One sweeper
Two dry sweeping cloths
One wet mopping cloth



How exactly does the Swiffer Sweeper work?
Using a redesigned technology, the Swiffer Sweeper’s swivel-head can get into hard to reach places, such as under the refrigerator, on the ceiling and even in corners and edges where brooms can’t always go. With the Wet Cloth and Dry Cloth, clean up has never been easier. The Dry Cloths use electrostatic action and new dirt-grabbing texture to trap and lock away fifty-percent more dirt, dust and pet hair, and even traps and locks small crumbs! The Wet Cloths come pre-moistened with a cleaning solution that dissolves dirt and soils for the textured cloth to trap and lock into its deep ridges. It also has a strip for cleaning up tough, dried-on messes including tough dirt, grime and even scuff marks. When finished cleaning, just throw the Wet or Dry Cloth and all the soil away.



Just when I thought my floors were clean, I use a product and come up with this:


From a mom’s point of view, this is a great product to have on hand for those times that you can’t, or just aren’t in the mood, to hard core scrub or steam your floors.

This starter kit retails for around $10.99. For all that you get with this kit, I think this is a good price for all that you get. The refills for the Swiffer Sweeper are not bad priced either. I found that they run for between $5.00 and $8.00 for a pretty large pack.

All in all, this is highly recommended! Great product! It does its’ job and is a great size to store in the pantry, or wherever you keep your broom, or cleaning supplies.

Would you like to win a Swiffer Sweeper starter kit?



  • With Spring Cleaning in the air, post to me your plans for Spring Cleaning! We can all use all the tips that we can get!

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  1. Washing down all the wood work in our home.

  2. Do a little everyday so you’re not overwhelmed :)

  3. Marcy Strahan says:

    I subscribe!

  4. Marcy Strahan says:

    My fllor are so dirty!
    I need to give them a good scrub down!

    I plan on going thur my closets & donating tiems to goodwill!

  5. Elizabeth Ray says:

    My spring cleaning is just trying to catch up on all the regular cleaning i’m usually behind on!

  6. your main button is on my blog

  7. Debbie Bellows says:

    I need to get Spring Cleaning plans… seriously – I just do a little bit at a time – its an ongoing thing – not just Spring

  8. Heather C says:

    I have decided to break up all rooms into small tasks, and then draw a couple of tasks per day. That way, I’m not overwhelmed.

  9. Lisa Taylor says:

    My spring cleaning is inside and out the hubby gets to do the yard and I stay inside decluttering and scrubbing

  10. Mostly dusting, vacuuming and cleaning

  11. Steve Scott says:

    My wife gets the inside I get the outside.

  12. my plans s to pay my niece to do it.

  13. I would love to shampoo our carpet professionally or buy a steamer for myself.

    I’m also hoping to paint and add curtains for this spring cleaning.

  14. Sharon Seneker says:

    After spring cleaning I need to donate clothes and household items not used to the Appalachian Helping Hands clothes closet! Thanks!

  15. Have a spring cleaning yard sale and allow your kids to keep the profits to buy something they really want NOW (since I am sure they have stuff they have outgrown) and use it as a way to teach basic economics

  16. I entered MommyMandy’s Swifter’s giveaway.

  17. Posted your button on my blog @

  18. I subscribe.

  19. jackie lauren says:


  20. George C says:

    When starting your spring cleaning make sure to change your furnace or a/c filters thats the only tip I can think of right now. retirenaval(at)

  21. My plan for spring cleaning includes: washing windows, washing floors, vacuuming carpets. Have a lot to do. Thank you.

  22. I have your button.

  23. I am a subscriber.

  24. I entered the giveaway at Mommy Mandy.

  25. I entered giveaway at Rockin’ Mama.

  26. I am a list maker so I have to make a list of everything I want to accomplish. Then I will go room by room and finish one room before I go to the next. It may take longer that way but EVERYTHING gets done.

  27. I will start cleaning closets and donating clothes we no longer wear.

  28. My plan is to get my carpet cleaned.

  29. Kathy Scott says:

    I love Swiffer, because it helps me keep my house clean for my allergy son.

  30. Susan Smith says:

    I throw out anything I haven’t used in a year

  31. have a box near by to place items you want to sell at a yard sale or donate to charity

  32. Nancy Reeves says:

    i entered at rockin’s site

  33. Nancy Reeves says:

    entered at Mandy’s site

  34. Nancy Reeves says:

    newsletter subscriber

  35. Nancy Reeves says:

    We are going from room to room, cleaning and purging. Things are being set in the garage for a May garage sale.

  36. I would love to have one of these!

  37. I’m a subscriber.

  38. Brenda S. says:

    my plans for cleaning are decluttering and donating things we do not need.

  39. Tiffanie W. says:

    Our home only has our master bedroom with carpet, so a majority of our floors need swept. This would make my day alot easier. Especially since I won’t have to kick up dust trying to clean the floors with it.

  40. 1st I am gonna try to get off the couch and away from the computer. Im gonna start in the junk room and work my way out to the main living area. Then I am going to have a big yard sale what dont sell I will be posting on freecycle or taking to good will so next year I wont have as much junk to clean

  41. Samantha Miller says: