The Beardsman is here to tame those long & short beards @Rem4Men

Hubby is usually clean-shaven, but there are times that he likes to grow out a short beard. Maintaining it is the challenge. Thankfully we had the chance to try out a beard grooming kit.

When I first thought of ‘beard grooming’, it made me think of full, long, thick beards, so I didn’t think that there was such a product that was for the shorter beards. Remington makes a pretty awesome beard grooming kit that’s for every size of beard from stubble to long.

The Beardsman: Beard Boss Full Beard Grooming Kit – Copper Edition

Beardsman Beard Boss Remington

Tame your face with The Beardsman. It’s the Remington® Beard Boss™ Full Beard Grooming Kit, and it’s got the cutting performance and battery power you need for a perfect trim time and time again. The powerhouse lithium battery gives you 120 minutes of cordless runtime, with more power and more torque than standard NiMH rechargeable systems. It drives the precision-cut blades and detail trimmer to make quick work of your glorious, bearded face. The XL grooming comb keeps your full beard at a dignified length, and the other length-adjusting combs help create the signature look you want. Plus, this special Copper Edition kit features a premium finish and exclusive materials for the ultimate shaving experience. For all things beard, you need The Beardsman.

  • Copper Edition
  • 120-Minute Runtime
  • Titanium-Coated Blades
  • 3 Length Combs
  • Zoom Wheel
  • Detail Trimmer
  • Quick-Release Blade
  • Brush and Scissors

While hubby doesn’t grow out thick or long beards, he does like to have some growth and The Beardsman is perfect for just that! The battery is a beast – in a good way. It charges super fast and holds a charge for a pretty good while. It comes with long and short attachments, so he can tame his beard at home or on the go, scissors, and even a beard brush – literally everything he needs! 


You can get Remington’s ‘The Beardsman’ by visiting the Remington website for just above $60. We have this on a wish list to get a friend that is known for his beards. Perfect gift for him this holiday season! You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.