The Importance of Home Maintenance

home maintenance

Owning your home can be something that is wonderful. The maintenance, though? Maybe not so much. Making sure that your home remains in good shape is critical for a variety of reasons that include things like financial, safety, and health reasons. It is never going to be too late to learn a few basic repair skills. It is also never too late to learn when you need to call a professional.

Heating and Cooling

There is nothing in your home that is responsible for affecting your comfort other than your heating and cooling system. However, unless the a/c goes out in a heat wave or the heater dies in a blizzard, most of us tend to ignore it. We shouldn’t do that, though. When it isn’t maintained properly, even the very best systems can end up costing you money. Remember that things like unlubricated fan motors, leaky duct work, sooty flues, dirty thermostats, and clogged filters can reduce the efficiency of your system by as much as 25%. Yet, some of these maintenance chores are ones that are simple. For others, you will need an HVAC contractor. You will also need to call a contractor if your system is dying.

Smoke Alarms

Making sure that your home is safe and maintained includes little things that can be critical. This includes smoke alarms. These are easy to install and forget about. You will know that it is time to change the batteries when it starts beeping at you. Remember that smoke rise. This means that your smoke alarms need to be installed high on your walls. You should have one in each one of your sleeping areas. Now, your carbon monoxide alarms can be at any height on your walls and anywhere in your home. This is because the carbon monoxide will spread evenly in the air.

Outside Your Home

Maintaining your home doesn’t begin and end indoors. Even when we are stuck inside during those cold winter months, we can tend to forget about the exterior needing maintenance. However, these chores are critical regardless of the season. Your roof might keep out the rain, but it can sustain damage from things like hail, ice damming, and other things. If you have a flat roof, heavy snow can cause structural damage. Gutters are also critical when it comes to keeping your home nice and dry. You should ensure that they stay clean and not clogged with leaves and other debris. You should also examine any siding on your home each season for signs of wear and tear or damage.

Kitchen Sink

Make sure that you keep your garbage disposal clean. If you want to make sure that the blades remain in good working order, once each month throw a handful of ice cubes in there. If your drain stinks and you want to freshen the scent, freeze vinegar in one of your ice cube trays and then toss that in the drain. Vinegar is a great deodorizer that is non – toxic. If water refuses to go down your drain, or if you come to find that your pipes are leaking, it is time to call in a professional. You might have pipes that are damaged or a clog that won’t be easily dislodged.

Fire Extinguishers

When you get a fire extinguisher, you need to ensure that you put it in a place that is easy to find in the event that you need it. Also, make sure that the tamper seal and the locking pin are intact. Check it seasonally for things like leakage, corrosion, or other types of damage. If you come to find that the pressure is low or there is corrosion, it is time to replace it.


You need to inspect the foundation of your home regularly. Look for cracks. Make sure that any soil slopes down away from the foundation. Also, ensure that any screens on the foundation vents are free from debris and in good condition. If you find any buckling or cracks, you will need to call in a professional. They will be able to find out how much damage there is and know what to do about it.