The @Sprint LG G2 has blown me away! #SprintMom #MC #Sponsored

I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Sprint. I received product samples to facilitate my review.

When I am in the market for a phone, I do some pretty in depth research. First off, what do I want from a cell phone? Do I want to be able to game from it? Do I want to blog from it? How about social media? I need to be able to pretty much live from the phone, especially when I am traveling.

I received the Sprint LG G2 to check out and I have to say, it’s a pretty slick device! Below, I will post some details about the phone itself, and under it, I will post my thoughts in regards to each sector.

Sprint LG G2

Sprint LG G2 Cell Phone | Review
Paired with its performance capabilities, the LG G2 delivers an experience that is seamless, beautiful and intuitive. Its ultra-fast 2.26 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor performs at breakneck speeds that its 3,000 mAH SIO+ battery is built to handle. Capture life in stunning detail with its 13 MP BSI camera and expansive 5.2″ full HD 1080p IPS display. 

Introducing a phone inspired by you. Featuring an intuitive rear-key placement, a 2.26 GHz Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Quad-Core Processor, 5.2″ Full HD 1080p IPS display, and a 13 MP camera with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) technology.

  • Experience seamless, ultra-fast performance
  • Get long-lasting battery life
  • See bright whites and true colors on an expansive, near edge-to-edge screen
  • Get a clear shot—even in lowlights
  • Capture sharp, detailed photos and high-definition videos
  • New ergonomic design for ambidextrous use
  • Enjoy high quality audio with Hi-Fi smartphone

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The 2.26 GHz Quad-Core Processor provides a seamless experience for users who like to run multiple apps at once, quickly browse the web at 4G LTE speed, or enjoy smooth rendering of graphics. Dividing tasks between four cores is one of the most efficient ways to manage multiple onboard processes, simultaneously running applications in parallel.
The G2’s specially engineered 3,000 mAh SiO+ battery was created to complement the phone’s slim, ergonomic shape and to impress with its long life. This high-density battery features a unique step design that provides maximum capacity in a slim form factor, enhanced with Silicon Oxide Plus technology for efficient power consumption.

My thoughts, pros and cons:


  • This is a super fast phone, and I mean FAST! I have been able to navigate between apps, the internet, my email, post on Facebook, answer a text message, take a quick note and toggle between the kids taking it from me to play Angry Birds. I have put this phone through the test on a daily basis and so far, it hasn’t crashed one time or gone in to a technological shock from all the activity. Overall, I am highly impressed with the speed and what all it can handle at once.


  • I honestly cannot say one negative thing about the performance. Highly impressed!

Camera & Display

The large 5.2″ Full HD 1080p IPS display offers the superior clarity of 423-pixel-per-inch resolution to deliver extraordinary graphics and sharp text, all with the beauty of true-to-life colors. In fact, the 16:9 high-definition screen is downright cinematic, also minimizing color oversaturation and potential eyestrain.

Capture crisp, detailed, high-quality images with the G2’s 13-megapixel camera, featuring scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass to protect the lens, ensuring clear photos and videos for years to come. G2 uses Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS) technology to stabilize your photos, so when you can’t stop moving or you’re caught in the dark, your images will still shine brightly, detailed and sharp with no blur.

My thoughts, pros and cons:


  • The screen is amazing, so crisp, so clear and when you take a picture, it’s like you are reliving that moment. The clarity on the images is amazing! It’s super easy to take a pic and you can share it to pretty much anywhere from the image itself.
  • This is fun…. You can add the sound ‘cheese’ when you take a picture. My ids get a kick out of this.
  • You can set the focus for automatic; manual per picture or you can set the camera to automatically detect the faces in your view range. I’ve played a lot with this and I prefer automatic, but it’s super fun to play around with.
  • If you’re a photographer, it’s pretty neat to be able to have the ability to play around with the ISO (film speed). I, as an off time photographer, think this is neat, however a useless feature for a cell phone. I’d rather see different options such as editing the image after you take it.
  • Do you like to do selfies? Picture this.. you are at the park with your family and you see a photo opp that would be perfect for a family picture or a holiday card… What if no one was there to be able to take the picture for you and you could take it yourself? The LG G2 has a timer on it that you can set for 3, 5 or 10 second.
  • The volume key can be used to zoom in or out when you are taking a picture, verses using your index finger and thumb to zoom in and out. Either can be used, but it’s nice to have both options so you can choose for yourself.
  • You can set a shutter sound to go off when you take the picture (choose from 4 tones) or just have it on silent while you take a picture.
  • Did I say selfies? The LG G2 has a front and back camera. The camera that is on the back of the camera has a flash that you can easily turn on or off. There is a camera that is on the main screen of the phone; it does not have a flash, but it does take some pretty amazing pictures.



  • You can’t edit the image directly from the image, as you can do with other phones such as the iPhone 5s. This isn’t a deal breaker for me, but I thought I’d point this out. You can edit in other program apps that you can download from the app store.
  • The images are huge. I do photography on the side, and my Nikon can take some large size images, so (in my personal opinion) I don’t think a phone needs the capability to take a 13 MB size picture. I take a LOT of pictures with my phone, but this size is too large for my taste or want. The smallest size is 1 MB, and for some photos, even this is too large. Example if you are wanting to send an email with multiple images, this is a drawback, as it will take forever to send the email with several photos attached. The larger the images are, the harder they are to email or upload them to your blog, personal server or photo hosting website.



When LG’s G2 was created, every detail was carefully selected to achieve both luxury and functionality. It features a slim bezel for near edge-to-edge brilliance and rounded corners for in-hand comfort. Best of all is the intuitive rear-key placement for natural use for both left handed and right handed users. Removing all the side buttons, we’ve fashioned a sleek new device that will fit your style.

My thoughts, pros and cons:


  • The design is pretty slick. It has a thin body and a wide screen that is easy to use, easy to see and easy to navigate around.


  • While the thought process to have the power and volume buttons on the back, is neat, I personally dislike it…. Like a lot. I will explain this next.
  • With the way it’s designed to have the power and volume buttons on the back, in order to take a screen shot.. well, it’s a complete pain and a 50/50 chance that it’ll work the first time. In order to take a screen shot from the LG G2, you have to hold the power button & the volume down button at the exact same time. This may not sound like it’s troublesome, but tome, it’s complicated. Sometimes the volume goes down. Sometimes the screen will go black from it thinking that it is being shut down. Sometimes I actually do take a screens shot. When I’m able to take a screen shot, it is nice. I use this pretty much on a daily basis.

Here is the LG G2 (right) next to the iPhone 5s (left) for comparison.


As for the thickness, they are pretty darn close. The LG G2 is a lot taller and a lot wider; with a lot larger screen size

Learn about some of the newest and most exciting features that LG G2 has to offer. Discover the features that express the best of you like never before, creating your own intuitive experience:

  • Knock twice on the G2 display to turn it on or off without needing to press the power key with the KnockOn feature
  • Guest Mode lets you share G2 with friends or children with pre-set access and restrictions, so you can keep your content safe
  • Layer multiple windows with QSlide 2.0 so you can do more at once<
  • Now it’s easy to copy and paste to a clipboard with Clip Tray
  • Listen to crystal clear high quality audio with 24-bit, 192 kHz Hi-Fi playback on both FLAC and WAV files.

My thoughts, pros and cons:


  • I do have to say that this phone impresses me and is beyond smart. In order to turn the display on (wake up the phone), you can either push the power button on the back, or you can tap the screen twice. Super cool!
  • Do you have tiny humans in you house that like to steal your phone and play games? You can set up a guest mode so you can set some restrictions. I like to also think of this as the ‘don’t hack my Facebook’ feature.
  • I like that this phone isn’t too small, but it isn’t too big like a tablet. For my kids, they’ve enjoyed this phone more than I can say that I have really liked the size and thickness of the phone itself. It’s far better than I was expecting, especially coming from using an iPhone 5s.


  • I have no cons, other than the screen shot ability.

While we traveled this past week, we were able to keep up to date (and second!) with the horrible ice storm that we slowly came through. We also used it for maps, navigation and weather. Loved!

Sprint Service:

You can see if you are in the Sprint network by clicking here.

My thoughts, pros and cons:


  • When we do have coverage, it’s pretty awesome (*exception below)


  • Sprint isn’t everywhere. We live in an area that we are currently looking for a new carrier, but we are pretty limited for providers. * Our Sprint service has been pretty good, however I have found that we are on roam or off network more than we are on Sprint’s network while traveling between California and NYC over the last 4 months.
  • We live in an area where we are limited on our carriers, however we have a tower that is just a couple of miles away, so currently, we are in the ‘iffy’ network. I’d love to see Sprint branch out to more rural locations.
  • While all the green looks great because that’s your service, when you zoom in, it’s not so much the dark green (great service).


With the service that we had in the car, I was able to use the LG G2 as a hot spot. This. Is. Cool!


I blogged from the car while my husband was driving. I could use the personal hotspot on my MacBok Air, my iPad, my other cell phone or even for the kids to stream Netflix. This rocked! The service was iffy at times between Missouri and Oklahoma, but other than that – it was pretty good!

After reading a current survey that Sprint conducted, I thought I’d share it with you all. This is very interesting! Are you guilty of being on your phone while you are with friends and family? I’ll admit that I am guilty, however I have been making sure to schedule time ‘offline’ so I can save my sanity and my family. To view the survey results, click here:

Do you have a child or relative going to college soon? The Sprint LG G2 is an amazing gift idea!

Overall, I am very impressed with the LG G2 from Sprint and the service. The phone is pretty sweet and has almost stolen my heart; other than a few minor details, it’s been great!

For more information about Sprint and the LG G2, be sure to visit


  1. Chris Jones says:

    I have the same phone and I love it too. For me I don’t mind the power and volume being on the back. Yeah at first the screenshot feature was a little awkward but I’ve gotten use to it and it is no problem. I had the same issues when I tried to take a screenshot on my old Galaxy S4, it’s all about timing. Other than that I love the phone because of the knock on ability. It almost eliminates the need for the power button. The “guest mode” or “kid mode”as I called it when I was selling the phone is great. The ability to get to the camera without unlocking the phone is great, then the pictures are protected after because the gallery is still locked. As far as service goes the expanding 4G service and the arrival of Spark will make this phone even better! And those are just my thoughts