We love & trust our home to LifeShield Security! *Discount Code + Free Month Monitoring!*

Almost one month ago, I posted about LifeShield home security; our experiences, installation steps and here we are, a month later and I have to tell you how much we LOVE our LifeShield security system! To be honest, I was kind of fearful at first knowing that this runs off a home phone line or Wi-Fi, but since we don’t have a home phone, it’s running off our home Wi-Fi. I was scared that our internet would go out and we wouldn’t be able to use the system. So far – so good! Be sure to keep checking back for even more updates and an upcoming review on our thoughts on the camera addition that we are about to add to our LifeShield.

Thinking about a home security system, but don’t have a home phone? This is THE system for you! The price is amazing; very affordable and unlike those other security places, you don’t have to have a phone line. This is perfect for us and for a lot of people out there that don’t have a home phone line.

I also wanted to share a fabulous deal with everyone where you can try out LifeShield with a great discount and a month of FREE monitoring!

Go to www.lifeshield.com/momdeal and enter the code momdeal50. This will give you $50 off of a Home Kit and one month of free monitoring!