Venus Spa Breeze & Venus Embrace


Recently, I posted about the fabulous Gillette Venus razor that I had a great opportunity to try out. Before trying out the Venus, I had wondered  how the razors were, but for some reason, I was just using my plain ol’ disposable razors, meanwhile nicking my legs and using countless Elmo Band-Aids. 😛

The Venus Spa Breeze is designed for women who seek convenience, but still love to indulge their skin, new Venus Spa Breeze Disposables and the Venus Spa Breeze System contain built-in shave gel bars that provide a skin-loving light lather for a smooth shave, without the need for separate shave cream.

With a beautiful blush pink handle, Venus Spa Breeze features flexible shave gel bars infused with the clean, fresh scent of white tea to indulge the senses while providing a close, smooth shave.

The disposable version of Venus Spa Breeze marks the first and only 2-in-1 disposable razor for women, taking the convenience of disposables to a new level. 

Venus Spa Breeze is for women who want indulgence and convenience.  It has built-in shave gel bars infused with the clean, fresh scent of white tea to provide a light lather as you shave, eliminating the need for a separate shave cream.  Other key features include:

  • Shave gel bars that respond to a woman’s intricate curves while delivering a close, smooth shave
  • A blush-pink handle for a firm gripping surface
  • Packaged with a shaving compact for easy in-shower and blade storage

When I tried this, I was in love! The smell of the gel is just fab! The Venus Spa Breeze is available February 2009.

Also, I wanted to let you know another new Venus product that will be available February 2009, and it will also be available in vibrant purple and turquoise, and that is the new Venus Embrace. Yet another fantastic product and a great Valentine’s gift idea to give to the lady in your life 😉

Venus Embrace delivers a whole new level of smooth.  In July 2008 a leading women’s publication named Embrace: “Your Best Shave Ever.”  Its five curve-hugging blades are positioned close together and are spring-m260-sister-hero-bdounted to create a shaving surface that adjusts to the natural contours and curves of a woman’s body, allowing the blade cartridge to sit flatter on the skin for a closer shave.  Other key features include:

  • Protective Ribbon of Moisture that fully surrounds the shaving surface for a smooth glide
  • Bold purple and turquoise Soft Grip gel handle to provide improved shave control, even when wet
  • A ShowerPodTM with suction cup attachments for convenient razor and blade storage

Did you know that, in a recent survey, 75% of women said that shaving is part of their beauty routine?  And when they were asked, an overwhelming majority said that a smooth shave and smooth legs leave them feeling clean, feminine, put together, confident and sexy!

Venus understands that women are serious when it comes to hair removal.  This year, we have two new options for you to test and review: Venus Embrace and Venus Spa Breeze.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to try these Gillette Venus Razors. Hubby thanks you too! 😉 For more information on all products, consumers can visit


  1. Eric's Mommy says:

    I was one of the winners of the Venus Embrace and I love it! I used cheapo disposables for years and now I will never go back. The Venus Embrace shaves so smooth and I have not nicked myself at all. It’s great!