My new Vistaprint business cards! *Love them!*

With my blog, I travel quite a bit. I also like to mail out thank you’s to the companies that I work with. With this said, I go through a lot of business cards, as well as post card mailers. There is one company that I have trusted for at least 3 years for my business needs; Vistaprint.

I have always made my own cards in Photoshop. Here is my 2009 business card:

While I loved my card in 2009, my website has gone through some dramatic changes, as well as a whole new look. Without further ado, I am proud to show you my new business cards for 2011!

Front: (phone number is blocked out)


I am SO proud of my new business cards! They show all of my information on the front, as well as all of my websites on the back.

Can you see why I am in love?

I am so in love with them! The overall process for creation and ordering is amazing!I was able to view my card image, crop, move, rotate and edit. Once I approved my proof, it was ready for order!

I searched online for a Photoshop business card template for quite some time, but the ones that I found weren’t what I was looking for. I really wanted something that would show me the bleed line where the business card would be cut at. I had no idea that Vistaprint had a downloadable template that worked in Photoshop that had the lines that I was looking for. This is perfect! I downloaded the template, opened Photoshop, and then started creating my card. I left room on the outside for the cut line so that my middle section was safe.

The price was great! I used and I got a nice discount off my business card order. I have always gotten the best service, easy ordering, great prices and super fast delivery. Overall, I love Vistaprint and have recommended them to anyone that asks for rec’s on business needs.

If you order off, you will get up to 90% OFF your order!

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  1. fritter says:

    Super cute! ANd I just noticed that in that pic on your card we have the same haircut lol.

  2. Vickie Couturier says:

    these are so nice,,,,be a nice gift for my son or daughter in law who are professionals

  3. Cutest ever! I love VistaPrint!

  4. Love them 😀

  5. Those look REALLY great, Tanya! *ribbit*

  6. sohoaccessories says:

    Love the new business cards. They show a little more chic style. I use Vistaprint all the time.

  7. I Love them!!