Wallet Security while Traveling

How NOT to lose your wallet while traveling. Yes, I’ve lost my wallet a number of times. It’s challenging to get through TSA at the airport with no ID, no driver’s license, no credit cards, no cash.

Short story:

  • Drill hole in flat wallet, zip tie (melt zip closure to enforce security) attach key ring, cord, clip lock to attach to bag/purse.

I lose my wallet more than I can count, so I decided to rig something until I can find something more permanent. This may just be my solution though. I have 3 flat wallets, so I took my drill to one, drilled a hole in one side, took a zip tie, ran through the hole with a key ring, then I took a lighter and melted the end of the cut zip tie so it would remain secure & wouldn’t snap out of place. I had a wrist bungee from a media event that had a key on it, so I took that off and added a clip so that I could clip it on to my purse, backpack or bag. When I travel now, I slip my wallet out, use what I need, put it back and the bungee cord helps keep my wallet close, harder to get stolen and it’s a security measure for my peace of mind while traveling.




This was a quick play until I can get home this weekend and drill out a slot so the wallet isn’t bent from the zip tie, but you get the point. Winking smile