Wallflower Plug-Ins: WARNING!


I love my Wallflower plug ins from Bath & Body Works… It doens’t get ‘hot’, or so I don’t think it does, but whatever you do, do not plug them in under a cabinet. I have had one in this spot for months and all of a sudden, it started doing this. I had no idea this was being done to my wall or cabinet until Tucker was like.. “Mama.. what happened?”

See for yourself. No that is not food splatter on the wall/cabinet.. that is drip from the paint. 😐


Well, the good news is that I haven’t painted under the cabinets yet, so this gives me an excuse to get on the ball 😛


  1. cindy gage says:

    The drip is the oil it has heated and put into the air. Under the cabinet it just caught it and the oil bisteref the paint! Bit would think this oil is not good for us to be bresthing if it dors that to paint! And they are expensive! Not a cheap health hazard! Lol

  2. Just had a similar experience. A refill stored on a painted storage shelf leaked and made the paint on the shelf turn to bubbly liquid. How can these chemicals be safe circulating in our household if they melt paint?

  3. :heart: I bought one just today. I hope it works! (warm vanilla) :good: i hope

  4. Philip Green says:

    Thoroughly read the list of ingredients in the scent and look them up in a guide to hazardous compounds. You’ll probably decide to do without synthetic scents to mask or disguise whatever it is you’re trying to hide.

  5. Ohh I’ve had the same thing happen……and if it lays on its side and drips on your floor/counter/window sil (what ever has paint…….it does the exact thing!

    Not fun I tell ya :(

  6. Big Brother says:

    You should put a patent on Tucker, and have him as an official “Wallflower Plug-Ins” defect detector. Sounds like a government organization, WPIDD 😛

  7. how scary! Glad Tucker caught that for you!

  8. going to go remve mine right now I have it under a kitchen cabinet too!

  9. OMG!! that could have caught fire, how scary! good thing Tucker was under the cabinet! LOL.