Warm start to the day with Lipton tea K-Cups – #Lipton #Keurig #Giveaway {Ends 12/28}

When you think about Keurig, do you automatically think about coffee? I’ll admit that I did… that is, up until Lipton sent me some of their K-Cups. They sent me some pretty awesome flavors that I haven’t tried before, even as a regular teabag.

Lipton K-Cup

  • Lipton REFRESH: This crisp and refreshing iced sweet tea is made of fresh-pressed tea leaves and sweetened with cane sugar. This new variety joins GMCR’s current Brew Over Ice collection for Keurig K-Cup® brewers, an innovative line of beverages that are specifically crafted to brew directly over ice – great for an easy and refreshing mid-day uplift.
  • Lipton INDULGE: Tea drinkers can savor the taste of rich black tea from fresh-pressed tea leaves, blended with delicious natural flavors for an indulgent aroma and taste.
  • Lipton SOOTHE: This smooth green tea is made from tender green tea leaves, herbs, and blended with natural flavors. The delicate taste of green tea is an invitation to relax.

—-Lipton and Keurig Giveaway | MommyGoggles.com

Anytime I would see Keurig, I would immediately think of coffee, so I was eager to give it a shot. Ice tea? From a Keurig? Seriously? I was intrigued.

Lipton and Keurig Giveaway | MommyGoggles.com

Lipton and Keurig Giveaway | MommyGoggles.com

I am from the south and while I grew up on sweet tea, it’s not my favorite drink. Usually restaurants or store bought ‘pre made’ sweet tea is just too sweet. I prefer mine plain and to add my own sweetener so it’s not too sweet. The Lipton Sweet Tea is pretty darn good and the entire concept is amazing. I’ve even been using the K-Cups more than once to get a little more out of the single cup and it’s been working quite nicely. I even ran it back through once and made a hot ‘sweet tea’.

In the mornings, here in Iowa it’s pretty darn cold with our sub zero temps, so the way I’ve been waking up is with a cup of hot tea. This can be a hot sweet tea, hot black tea or one of my faces is hot green tea. So far, I don’t really have a favorite – they are all my faves!

To discover all the ways of experiencing new Lipton K-Cup® packs in the months ahead, visit Lipton’s Facebook page. To learn more, please visit www.LiptonTea.com.

How would you like to start the new year off on an awesome start by winning a Keurig with some yummy Lipton K-Cups?? Here’s your chance!

One winner will receive what you see here! (1) Keurig machine & Lipton K-Cups!


Here’s how you enter!

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Disclaimer: I received a Keurig & Lipton teas to try out for my honest review and thoughts. What you see here is 100% honest. If I didn’t like the product(s), I would be upfront and tell all.


  1. naomi barton says:


  2. Coffee for sure

  3. Coffee with hazelnut creamer

  4. hot cocoa is my fave

  5. Maggie Smith says:

    I’m a coffee and tea girl!!! Depends on the day!

  6. White mocha for me

  7. Jennifer DaMomme says:

    There is nothing more soothing than a nice cup of Lipton tea

  8. Coffee or chocolate!

  9. chickie brwer says:

    I love to drink dark coffee.

  10. One cup of coffee starts my day but throughout the day I drink tea.

  11. Lacey Burd says:

    Definitely coffee (or the occasional tea, especially when I’m sick).

  12. Marla Jones says:

    Hot lipton green tea the lipton way!!!

  13. Marla Jones says:

    I love coffee and love Lipton green tea!!!

  14. Susan O'Bryant says:

    I love good, fresh, hot, regular coffee with lots of cream and sugar (but I usually use a sugar substitute to save calories).

  15. coffee

  16. Kathie Craig says:

    I like hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows.

  17. Coffee have to have my hot coffee :)

  18. Rita Lautenschlager says:

    Hot Coffee Hot Coffee Hot Coffee for me!!! : )

  19. Gary McNally says:

    Any kind of coffee!

  20. Janine McNally says:

    Hot tea or chocolate!

  21. I like to start my day with coffee.

  22. Robin Guyor says:

    Anything with caffeine, but my favorite this time of year is Starbucks Holiday :-)

  23. Lipton tea – the only thing I drink

  24. Tammy Horn says:

    Coffee with a bit of caramel!

  25. I like hot cocoa

  26. tamara serrao says:

    Hazlenut Coffee is my favorite to get my day started!!!

  27. Michelle Bartley says:

    I have to start my day with coffee!!

  28. I have my coffee & sometimes my tea.

  29. Thanks for the chance!

  30. Dawn Daugherty says:

    anything with chocolate in it. Hot cocoa, mocha lattes ….yummy

  31. Shane Dickson (Oregon Slacker) says:

    cup of coffee or tea depending on mood.

  32. sadia shaikh says:

    Hazelnut latte is my favorite

  33. I start everyday with a cup of coffee then it’s Lipton Ice Tea all afternoon for me

  34. I’m a coffee drinker!

  35. tammy shelton says:

    My favorite way to start the day is with Hot flavored coffee like Vanilla or Caramel.

  36. Sharon Underwood says:

    Hot Chocolate

  37. Cindy Bowling says:

    Hot tea

  38. Natalie Lyons says:

    Green Mountain coffee with sugar free creamer and sugar

  39. s.e. thomas says:

    I usually have just a plain ole coffee with cream and Splenda.

  40. Would so love to win, my Keurig, just stopped working and I’m missing my tea’s and coffee’s. GL everyone !!!!!

  41. Janette Blair says:

    awesome !

  42. christy r. says:


    My favorite way to start the day is with a hot tea with lemon. Thanks for the giveaway.

  43. Caramel Macchiato

  44. My favorite in the morning is tea with milk!

  45. Susan Armstrong says:

    Coffee or tea! Depends on my mood :)

  46. coffee w/cream and sugar

  47. Love a hot cup of tea in the Morning! Nice way to start the day!

  48. With a nice hot cup of tea.

  49. I LOVEEEE Hot Chocolate with marshmallows or whipped cream. I can drink that all year round!

  50. Kim Holsapple says:

    Eight O’Clock coffee with caramel machiatto creamer.

  51. Cindy Crocker says:

    I start with green tea every morning, then switch over to coffee

  52. kimberly Snyder says:

    i love hot tea.

  53. I start my day with either coffee or tea.

  54. I start the day with hot tea and ginger root.

  55. Laura Jacobson says:

    Oh I love to start my day with hot tea!!

  56. Coffee with cream and sugar is my morning brew. I do love a good cup of hot tea as well.

  57. would so love to win this! I am using something from the stone ages :)

  58. @frugaliscious says:

    always love to start my day w/ hot coffee or tea or hot choco depends on my mood of the day :)

  59. Elizabeth m says:

    I love tea and hot chocolate!

  60. kathy dalton says:

    My favorite hot beverage is a cup of strong coffee

  61. My favorite is French Vanilla Cappuccino!

    (P.s. your tweet says the contest ends 9/8??)

  62. Chia Tea

  63. Debbie Welchert says:

    I love my hot coffee with cream and sugar first thing in the morning.

  64. I LOVE Apple cider or hot chocolate.

  65. I love hot tea in the afternoon and at the end of the day, but I have to start it with hot coffee.

  66. jodi frasier/lasher says:

    I am a coffee fanatic. Thanks for the giveaway..

  67. I love Lipton Green Tea. I make hot tea in the morning.

  68. Jessica H. says:

    My favorite hot beverage is hot chocolate. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  69. I like soy latte

  70. starbuck’s chai tea latte with skim

  71. Sharon Rooney says:

    My favorite is coffee with half and half and sugar

  72. I like to start my day off with vanilla flavored coffee!

  73. Kortney Nelson says:

    COFFEEEEEEE FOR SURE! ORR hot chocolate.

  74. Jamie Williams says:

    Tea and Keurig. Does life get any better?

  75. I would love to start my day the Lipton way!!!