#Wedding Day Survival Kit & trip planning #VZWBuzz

Over the past few months, I’ve had an amazing opportunity to learn more about Verizon, their products and their services. I am about to head out for a fellow blogger’s wedding, (Shannon with The Mommy Files), so I thought I would show you how I am using my Verizon 4Glte powered Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet & my Galaxy Note 3 to plan for my travels and help gather information to make her a wedding day survival kit.

With my tablet, I created an entire screen that has all that I needed and will need while traveling to the wedding and while on the Carnival Cruise ship.


Here are some of my must have apps that I am using:

  • Pinterest (to look for ideas for bridal hair & makeup ideas)
  • Buffer (to schedule those tweets while I’m away)
  • Amazon (to purchase those items that I need for a week long cruise)
  • Kindle (to read the books that I downloaded for the trip, as well as I have all my travel info saved in PDF documents within the Kindle app so I can save a tree and travel paperless)
  • Amazon Music (to stream the tunes on my playlists)
  • Alarm (so I won’t oversleep and miss anything)
  • Camera (Duh… photos!)
  • Solitaire (for when I get bored in flight and need to wake the brain up)
  • Word Search (If you like cross word puzzles, this is super to have!)
  • Fitbit (to track all those steps I’ll be taking when on board and running through airports)
  • Hotels (to quickly search for & book hotels)
  • Priceline (to find the best deals on flights and hotels for the entire trip)
  • Skype (so I can video chat with my family at home)
  • Instagram (to share our memories with loved ones & social media followers)
  • Dropbox (to upload photos & videos to free up space on devices and to share folders with loved ones)
  • WordPress (Gotta keep up with blog comment moderating and posting while on the go)
  • Ship Mate (This is the app that I can track our ship, plan excursions, see who all is on the roll call and so much more)
  • uPacking (If you haven’t seen this app, it’s a must have for any traveling. You can create your own packing lists & sync to other devices. There’s no forgetting anything on your next trip with this app!)
  • US Airways (or other flight app for tracking, updates & mobile boarding passes)
  • The Weather Channel (To track weather for departing and destinations so you can know what attire to pack)
  • White Noise (No matter what I do, I can not sleep when I travel so the White Noise sound helps when traveling)
  • Sunrise (This is by far my favorite calendar app. It tracks and syncs events throughout all of my devices)
  • Bible (Last, but not least… I love my morning bible studies and this app syncs your study plans throughout any device that you are logged in to)

Since we will be on a Carnival Cruise, I downloaded the Ship Mate app. On this app, I can see a roll call of those that have registered with the cruise. It has a cool count down, you can push the horn for the sound of the ship, you can chat with other people that are going on the same cruise that you are, check the ship’s location, plan and view your itinerary, check out deck maps and so much more.



Since the wedding will all be on a Carnival Cruise ship, we will not be able to get off the ship to make a quick run to the store. Since I travel often, I have been saving hotel travel needs for future travels, but they’re also the perfect size to add for emergency kits, but even more perfect for this project. I used zipper sandwich baggies to keep things organized. I used my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and the power of Google and Pinterest to find some ideas for Shannon’s wedding day survival kit.

Here’s what I decided to add for Shannon’s bride emergency kit. (from left to right)

Wedding Day Survival Kit | Mommy Goggles

Wedding Day Survival Kit

  • Feminine needs, because you never know when the bride or bridesmaid will need something.
  • Blank cards & envelopes with a pen so the bride can send a love note to her honey while they’re separated and getting ready for the ceremony, or if someone needs to pay an event, then their cash/check is secure in an envelope.
  • Oral needs: Toothpaste, breath strips, mints, Wisp in case she needs to quickly brush her teeth to get fresh, mouthwash
  • Razor & shaving cream
  • Bobby pins
  • Kleenex
  • Baby powder
  • Straws so the bride won’t mess up her lipstick if she needs a drink
  • Ibuprofen
  • Sample of makeup that includes lipstick, blush and eye shadow for a quick touch up during photos
  • Rayovac On The Go Charger to keep her phone powered to capture all those memories
  • Clear fingernail polish in case someone gets a runner in their hose.
  • Superglue can also help with runners, but in case someone breaks a nail or needs a quick fix
  • Deodorant
  • Bandaids
  • Sewing kit
  • Ear plugs (for the wedding night when the spouse snores. LOL)
  • Face pads to dab away any shine
  • Chocolate (the bride requested demanded chocolate) & protein bar for sugar and needed protein
  • Wet Ones & sanitizer
  • Cotton balls & Q-tips
  • Gum
  • Shout Wipes for any small stains

All of these items were placed in a purse organizer. This was about $5 on eBay and she can use in her purse later on, but this is perfect for this kit because it has compartments, two large zipper areas, and handles so it’s easy to puck up and tote with us where we need to take it.

I used a Thirty One draw string bag to bag it up all pretty to present it to her and this way, she can use the outer bag to store any small or paper gifts or wedding cards that she receives at her reception.

Wedding Day Survival Kit | Mommy Goggles

If you have any other additions that the bride may be alb to use, I’d love to hear it!

I have been so busy these days working to plan my week long trip to celebrate with Shannon & Frank and I am thankful that I had my Verizon 4Glte service everywhere with me so that I could plan while on the go.

Disclosure: As member of a pretty cool team of influencers, I received some pretty awesome devices, with lines of service from Verizon. All opinions and excitement are my own.


  1. I didn’t know there was a white noise app! I’m going to have to share with a friend because her kiddo can’t sleep without it! And I love your survival kit – especially the card/envelope!!