Weight Watchers 360 Program

I think a good number of people start every year ‘fresh’ and to lose weight. That dreaded ‘New Year’ resolution gets us ever time. Admit it, you do it… I know I do. Well, I do this circle often to lose weight, get fit, get healthy and stay healthy. Back in 2006, I joined a local Weight Watchers group that used to have meetings at the place where I worked. I loved that! Well, now that we live in an area where they don’t have local Weight Watcher meetings, I have joined the online Weight Watchers 360 program.

Weight Watchers 360°

As Weight Watchers embarks on its 50th anniversary in 2013, they are changing their program to go beyond tracking points. Their new program, aptly called Weight Watchers 360°, is a breakthrough approach that challenges members to not only track their food intake (PointsPlus), but also to manage those daily routines and spaces that sabotage weight loss. The new program encompasses three pillars:

  • Tracking.  Track food with PointsPlus, record weight and physical activity.
  • Spaces.  You create and commit to an action plan and bookmark tips under these six environments: home, shopping, workplace, eating out, travel and occasions). You can get prompts in panic moments like “is fast food your only option?” when you are in the airport.
  • Routines. You choose three routines (16 available) to follow every day. Record success daily.

I have to say that I tried the Weight Watchers app a while back, but it didn’t do all that I wanted and hoped that it would do, but with the new changes and additions, it is far different than I remember. I love it and being that I have a device with me just about all the time, I can easily keep track of everything that I do or intake.

I love pizza. WIth the Weight Watchers 360 app, yo udon’t have to deny yourself of the things you love. Open the app, search for pizza and you can select the type of pizza that you are having. It’s as easy as that!

While you can track it while you’re out, you can also track the foods that you make at home. If it’s from scratch or if you’re making a quick meal from a box… you can still track all those things as well. With the scanner section within the app, it’s so easy to keep tabs on everything that you do, eat and drink. Example, the other day, we made Hamburger Helper, so I used the barcode on the box, scanned it within the app and the item shows up.


The app itself is so easy to use. You can search by restaurant, search through favorites and recently added meals.


The app is on my Android phone and on my iPad mini, so there’s no excuse for me not to use it on a daily basis. It syncs together, so you don’t have to double input your foods, drinks or exercise. As my kids like to say … it’s easy peasy!

Now, you’re asking ‘How much is Weight Watchers?’ You can join in person at meetings, or if you’re like me and don’t have a location near you, you can join their Weight Watchers 360 online program. With the program, you will get a 2-week rick free guarantee. If you don’t like it, you won’t be charged.

So far, I have been using the Weight Watchers 360 online program for just over two months and I have been keeping track of all that I do and intake and I am glad to say that I have lost 10 pounds and maintained my loss. Keeping track with the app really makes me more aware of what I put in to my body and my exercise routines.

For more information, be sure to visit www.WeightWatchers.com.

I received a free 3-month pass to experience Weight Watchers online. I am not being paid to use or endorse Weight Watchers and thoughts are my own. People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.