We’re glad we found Glad!

There are so many things that we use trash bags for. Each time we have moved, trash bags have been a big play in our move for clothes, garage sale organizing, holiday decoration storage and yes… the traditional garbage in the kitchen.

Here’s my biggest pet peeve when it comes to kitchen trash.

Admit it…. this drives you nuts too. I swear, we’ve tried just about every brand of trash bags from generic to expensive name brand.

We tried out Glad ForceFlex Extra Strong bags that are tear resistant for not only our trash, but also to rake the billions of leaves that fall from our trees during the fall months. I love fall, but this is the challenging part…. to rake and figure out what in the world will hold all these leaves.


Having two kids in the home, we have messes. Oh boy, do we have messes! I bet we fill up a trash bag a day from the kids, cooking and having an office at home. Our most recent mess that took over the house was Kambry’s 5th birthday where we had a disaster from the cake baking, wrapping paper and packaging. We probably went through 5 bags in a matter of an hour!

With the holidays approaching, there are going to be several messes at several houses. All the family at our Thanksgiving get togethers and multiple Christmas celebrations – yeah, we go through a lot of trash bags! This year, we will be packing our Glad ForceFlex Extra Strong bags with us because we know that they will be able to handle all of our needs.

How are you going to clean up this holiday season? Head over to the Glad Facebook page, check out the “After the Wild Life” Facebook Tab, and have some fun playing the ‘Missing in the Mess’ game as well!

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Glad. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating.