Affresh Stainless Steel Cleaner from Whirlpool Corporation

Ever since I remodeled my kitchen and we got a stainless steel refrigerator, I have had a booger of a time trying to keep my fridge looking clean. With two kids, 6 and 3, this is more than a challenge than I thought it would be. I have tried so many products to get my fridge clean and to keep it looking new without those handprints from my kids. I (literally) gave up. Ah, who cares what my fridge looks like? That was my state of mind before I heard that there may be a product to help with all my concerns.

Affresh® Stainless Steel Cleaner from Whirlpool Corporation


Affresh Stainless Steel Cleaner from Whirlpool CorporationWhat?

  • Affresh® Stainless Steel Cleaner gently cleans the fingerprints, smudges, and residue left behind from daily use. The cleaner combines commonly used cleaning agents with special ingredients that, when used as part of a normal maintenance program, can help prevent the formation of residue that can build-up on stainless steel surfaces.


  • The durable, distinguished look of clean stainless steel can really make a kitchen shine. Keeping that look, though, has always been a chore, until now. To ensure maximum performance, Whirlpool recommends a monthly maintenance and cleaning routine detailed in the product’s Use & Care Guide. With the new Affresh® Stainless Steel Cleaner, consumers have even more cleaning power to help resolve the build-up residue.


  • Simply spray desired amount on soiled surface or a clean cloth. The formula is designed to stay where it is sprayed. Then wipe clean. Unlike ammonia or bleach based cleaners this water-based chemistry does not require rinsing when used where food contact might occur.
  • For light spills, soils or stains, apply cleaner with a soft cloth and let dry for one minute or for heavy spills, soils or stains, apply cleaner liberally and allow to penetrate 1 to 2 minutes. Then wipe it up with a soft cloth using a firm, circular and overlapping motion.
  • To ensure maximum performance, Whirlpool recommends a monthly cleaning.

What about my experience with Affresh Stainless Steel Cleaner from Whirlpool Corporation? After all the money that I have spent on products that have failed, as well as the countless hours that I have spent researching products that I hoped would work, I am glad to have the opportunity to check out Affresh Stainless Steel Cleaner. After my first use, I was already in love. No, really.

This picture is just one mess within my daily mess. Kambry was helping us with dinner – helping season potatoes for dinner, got thirsty and went to the fridge to get her juice. With her right hand on the fridge door and the left reaching in, this is what she did. Gotta love how kids leave their marks.


Yummy…. potatoes, sticky juice and who knows what else from how many days prior…


Lovely, isn’t it?

Well, I took my Affresh Stainless Steel Cleaner and sprayed it on my fridge.



Right off the bat, I noticed the smell. The smell was refreshing actually, Plum scent. Once I sprayed it on my fridge, I used a towel and slowly wiped it off. Within one one swipe, not even having to put big effort in to it, my fridge doors were clean.

Up close:


Standing back:


Before, I had hand prints, a few crayon marks and some food smudges on the front of my fridge and have tried numerous products that I just didn’t care for their results. One was a product that was very thick, I had to use an expensive special cloth to wipe clean and the price just wasn’t pleasing. With one simple spray and swipe of a soft cloth (one that I had in my kitchen drawer), the front of my stainless fridge was clean.

What will I think in a few weeks? Will Affresh Stainless Steel Cleaner from Whirlpool Corporation keep my fridge looking new? Stay tuned and you will find out!

You can buy Affresh Stainless Steel Cleaner for around $6.99 (MSRP) for a spray bottle. You can get more information about Affresh by visiting their website at

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