Why do we love Jack’s Pizza? Let us count the ways. #RealCheeseRealLife #Ad

Warning: This post is about pizza and may cause instant hunger. All opinions, thoughts and images are 100% of our own. We are not responsible for constant drooling, hunger pains or tummy growling. We received product coupons and a promotional item to thank us for our participation.

I cant express how much we love pizza in our house. Probably too much LOL When I ask my kids to write down thewpid-pepperoni-2015-09-30-14-11.jpgir ‘wants’ on the weekly grocery list, my son always (literally, always) writes down Jack’s Pizza.

Did you know that Jack’s Pizza is made with 100% real Wisconsin cheese and has a preservative-free crust? While Pizza may have originated in Italy, Jack’s was born right here in the Midwest… right where we live. We love Jack’s Pizza for not only the taste, but the value is pretty awesome.

With school back in session, with both of us parents working, with Boy & Girl Scouts and dance class, our days get chaotic to where I may forget to meal plan for the evening, so we pop in a Jack’s Pizza and 12 minutes later, dinner is served.

Tucker loves the meat trio pizza, while Kambry loves plain cheese. We like to mix it up with the Canadian bacon pizza so we shift over the ham to make it a half and half. There are tons of half and half flavors available though; sometimes the younger ones like to mix things up.


Face it moms, time slips away from us so it’s nice to have that back up plan. On days that the hubby and I both have super busy days, it’s nice to still have a meal around the table while we enjoy family time and talking about our days.

“What’s for dinner, mom?”

“Eh, whatever you can reach.”

Not anymore. Yes, that used to be a reply. LOL We keep Jack’s Pizza in the freezer for those days that time slips away from us. At least we know that there’ll be something good and hot on the table come dinner time.

How many pizzas does Jack’s make? Check out www.JacksPizza.com for more information! You can also find them on Facebook.

Stay tuned for our next post on other ways that we make Jack’s Pizza, including on the grill for our family movie ‘living room picnic’ nights!