Why we left @Verizon and why we prefer @USCellular

US CellularAfter being a part of a blogger program for Verizon, I have learned so much about what is worth it when it comes to cell phone service, coverage and price. While my service with Verizon was good in the last year (out of 4), I have to say that I am so glad that we decided not to cancel our three lines with U.S. Cellular…. and here’s why:

Customer service

That’s key, right? Well, you’d think it was key. When a question is asked about where a replacement part can be purchased for a device that was provided BY Verizon, I was told (and I quote) “I have no idea why you think I or Verizon have an answer to this. GO ASK SOMEONE ELSE. I am NOT your customer service rep!”

Really? Rude and unprofessional much? I actually DID ask the manufacturer. No one replied, so I asked Verizon and my rep that I’ve been working with for a few years now and this was her response. All of this over a piece that I needed to BUY for a tablet that Verizon provided me. Not once did I ask for anything for free. Actually, the tweet that I sent out and the email that I sent specifically ask “What’s this piece called so that I can buy it?”

I’ve sat on this for a while now, because I honestly thought this person would apologize to me for their tone. If you’re going to have someone PR and represent your large company, make sure that they are professional and polite. I’m not going to call this person out publicly, but I honestly cannot recommend Verizon to anyone that asks me because of this rep.

Anytime I have called, emailed, tweeted or visited a U.S. Cellular location, we have always had the most professional, polite, helpful and prompt service. Verizon, on the other hand …


We took two phones on a cruise with us. We lost service from Verizon before we even left the port, meanwhile we had service the entire time with U.S. Cellular. Oh, and no overage fees with U.S. Cellular either.


We had two lines that we personally paid for with Verizon, but we decided to keep our three lines with U.S. Cellular because

  1. We were in a contract
  2. We felt that they worked with us to make sure that we always had the best deal
  3. Their service has been pretty amazing and we’ve never had any down time.

Let’s talk about price.

  • We were paying over $250 a month for two lines on Verizon.
  • With U.S. Cellular, we are paying $115 a month for THREE lines of service, with data, 3 iPhones. 

It’s a pretty simple decision if you ask me.

If you’re looking for cell phone service, we highly recommend you shop around an think hard before leaving any current carrier over Verizon. If you’re looking at U.S. Cellular, you can see how they compare here.

Thank you U.S. Cellular for being courteous, professional and at the best price point that we have found.

Congratulations Verizon – you lost a customer, along with others that are looking at switching away from you.

Disclaimer: I am not being compensated by anyone to voice my thoughts and opinions over a cell phone carrier that we personally pay for. Is this retaliation? No. I feel that this is honesty after what I’ve learned after being apart of a program that I was paid to be in, verses how we feel about a company that we PAY for. This post is simply to let you know what our personal experience was with Verizon and their ‘rep’ when asking a simple hardware question so that we could buy a replacement piece. Customer service is key and so important, but actual working service is KEY.