Why We Should Expose Kids to Musical Instruments Early

Why We Should Expose Kids to Musical Instruments EarlyNot every kid handed a keyboard or starter acoustic guitar will want to keep playing past jumbled notes. But many children will fall in love with playing a music instrument if they’re given the chance to try. To their benefit, there are a number of reasons why it’s a good idea to expose kids to musical instruments as early as possible. We’ve made a point to highlight the best reasons below:

The Earlier the Better

The human brain goes through a fine-tuning “use it or lose it” phase in the first years of life. For efficiency’s sake, bundles of neurons are reduced down to the most used passageways as time goes on, making it harder for us to learn certain skills past a certain point in our lives. Music is one of them. It’s not impossible to become a latent musical talent, but it’s unlikely. The earlier a child is exposed to a musical instrument, the stronger their mental relationship to its art will become over time.

Talented Tutors are Everywhere

It’s a misconception to think you need to live in one of America’s high-culture metropolises to find world class musical instructors. Thanks to the advent of online services and directories that aggregate reviews and contact information, parents can find and employ the best guitar, violin, saxophone, or piano teachers living in their neighborhood or city. These highly skilled musical masters are happy to help the next generation of players improve their abilities at a comfortable pace. Better still, the rates are reasonable and scheduling is less of an issue in an age when video chat can supplement real-world lessons.

Why We Should Expose Kids to Musical Instruments EarlyInstruments are Cheaper and More Accessible Than You Realize

Thanks in part to to the Great Recession most American pawn shops are in no short supply of used but perfectly playable musical instruments. This is good news for budget-based families with a budding prodigy among their ranks. With that said, always do your research before making a purchase. These days it’s no big deal to pull your phone out and Google the brand of saxophone right there in the shop. Compare what you see with prices online – sites for second-hand instruments are popping up everyday, and there’s always Craigslist. Again – caveat emptor.

Musical Training May Improve Brain Power

A study conducted by the Boston Children’s Hospital found a correlation between musical training and a better ability to make smart decisions fast. It might simply be a case where bright kids are genetically predestined to excel at playing musical instruments, but the same result was seen in adults as well. The only difference was adults had reduced levels of improvement due to the brain’s diminishing ability to master skills over time.

Musical training isn’t for everyone. But who knows how many would-be Mozarts came and went because they were never given the chance to play in the first place? Exposing kids to musical instruments is a great way to encourage them to fine tune their motor skills, coordinate their senses, and think differently. These are the traits which make humanity capable of great things.