Wilton St Patrick’s Day School Treats

My son came to me yesterday saying he needed something green to take to school for a snack…. today. Well, not realizing that today was St. Patrick’s Day, hubby already had some green grapes but I had to make some other treats for him to take to school, so I went to my Wilton Pantry (yes, I have an entire pantry with Wilton goods in it for those spur of the moment times like now) and I got out stuff to make cupcakes and coloring to make the batter green, as well as the icing. The only thing I didn’t have on hand were St. Patrick’s themed cupcake papers :scratch: or St. Patrick’s themed sprinkles, but with the sprinkles, I just used some green sugar sprinkles from Christmas.

I started out with a white cake mix, colored it green.
Wilton St Patrick's Day Cupcakes (1)

I filled the cupcake tin with the green batter.
Wilton St Patrick's Day Cupcakes (12)

Once they were baked, I put them on a cooling rack to cool before decorating.
Wilton St Patrick's Day Cupcakes (14)

For decorating, I used a few methods.

Wilton St Patrick's Day Cupcakes (9)

I used one can of the Wilton White Decorator Icing. I separated it – half to be kept white and half to be colored green and filled two Disposable Decorating Bags – each with the individual colors.

Wilton St Patrick's Day Cupcakes (13)

With some of the cupcakes, I used Wilton’s green Wilton Ready-to-Decorate Icing, and drizzled them with Wilton White Cookie Icing & Wilton Sparke Gel in white, then sprinkled some green sprinkles on top of the wet icing so they would stick to the cupcakes. Why did I use white cookie icing? Well, I was out of plain white ready-to-decorate icing in white, so this worked perfectly!

Wilton St Patrick's Day Cupcakes (16)

With the white cupcakes, I used the Wilton White Decorator Icing, put in a disposable decorate bag and used tip # 21 to spread the icing on top of both colors, then drizzled Wilton Sparke Gel over the top and sprinkled with green sugar sprinkles.

Wilton St Patrick's Day Cupcakes (18)

You don’t have to make a special trip to the store to buy things that you need for on the spot snack requests. You can get creative with the things you have, even holiday sprinkles like I used, and you can create a fast and pretty snack for the kids’ holiday class parties. Hubby was glad I was making these because he, after I found out that my son had a party today, had told me ‘Oh, yeah, I am supposed to bring something too.’ Thank goodness I like to bake, so both my son and husband were able to take Wilton treats to their classes.


  1. Lou Lange says:

    They look great Tanya – spare a few for the East Coast???? LOL 😉