Windows HTC 7 Pro

With as much as I travel with my blog, as well as for personal pleasure, there’s no doubt that I need to have access to my email as much as possible – without being glued to a computer 24/7. I need to have access to emails, my blog, the internet, social networking, as well as all the contacts that I have on my computer at home. How can this be done, I thought. I was fortunate enough to receive the Windows HTC 7 Pro phone to see if it could handle what all I needed.

Windows HTC 7 Pro

phone for business and pleasure


The HTC 7 Pro lets you get right down to business with easy email and document access, specialized apps including stocks, and a no-nonsense QWERTY keyboard to get the job done. And once it is, the HTC 7 Pro’s screen is perfect for watching a well-earned video, or two.

  • Size: 117.5mm x 59mm x 15.5mm 4.63″ x 2.32″ x 0.61″
  • Weight: 185 grams (6.53 ounces) with battery
  • Display: 3.6 inches touch screen with pinch-to-zoom capability
  • Screen: 91.4 mm (3.6″)
  • Platform: Windows® Phone OS 7


  • 5 megapixel color camera
  • Auto focus and flash
  • 720p HD video recording
  • Built-in scenes include candlelight, landscape, and portrait match the environment of your subject

Social Networking

  • Facebook® and Windows Live™
  • Share photos on Facebook® or Windows Live™ SkyDrive®


  • Internal storage: 8 GB
  • ROM: 512 MB
  • RAM: 576 MB

When I received the HTC 7 Pro last month, I had some questions of my own, some were answered in the process of learning about the phone within the month.

I had a few questions that I asked, so I thought I would pass those on to you along with what I learned and my own thoughts.

  • Print screen: If you have an iPad, iPod touch, iPhone or even a Droid based phone, you have the ability to print screen. Print screen is currently not a feature that is available.
  • Accessories: Are there accessories available for HTC 7 Pro? Yes – the phone has Bluetooth, so any of the standard Bluetooth accessories should work.
  • Camera: The camera settings for the HTC 7 Pro keep defaulting to the original settings of 5mb. You currently are not able to set your own default for the size, resolution, brightness, etc. There is no forward facing camera, just a camera on the back side of the phone itself.
  • Emails: If you host your emails on your own server or a hosted server, you are not able to delete your emails from the server like you are able to do with a BlackBerry. This was a big question for me, since I was coming from a BlackBerry to a whole new platform. If you host your email via Hotmail, then yes – you are able to delete from that server.
  • Folders: If you have an iPad, iPod touch or an iPhone, you will quickly become addicted to the organization of folders. Currently, the HTC 7 Pro does not offer this feature, but I was told that later in 2011, this feature would be released in an update.
  • Social Networking; Twitter: Later this year, 2011, Twitter will be fully integrated in to the HTC 7 Pro phone. In the Windows Phone Twitter app, currently, you are not able to reply all, or mark someone as spam or block them from the app.
  • Social Networking; Facebook: With Facebook for Windows Phone (the app within the Windows Phone) you are not able to tag images that you upload from your phone, but you will be able to with the next update which will come out later 2011.
  • Social Networking; multiple accounts: I asked Microsoft if there was a way to integrate multiple accounts on the HTC. With Twitter, you can by using the HTC 7 Twitter app, as well as by using Seesmic. With Seesmic, you can add more than one Twitter account and maneuver within those accounts without having to log out and back in again. The HTC 7 comes with Facebook for Windows Phone. With this app, you are able to have just one Facebook account on this app logged in. Should you want another Facebook account, you should be able to use Seesmic or another Facebook app so you can be logged in to two accounts at the same time without having to log out, then back in again. I haven’t been able to get Seesmic to work with another Facebook account, so at this time, I just use Internet Explorer which is an app within the Windows Phone.
  • Fitness Apps: Recommendations seems to be MyFitnessPal, Calorie Tracker- LIVESTRONG, 6 Week Training. I am still playing around with some apps myself, but have found some luck with Endomondo Sports and RunKeeper. I am still going through the Marketplace to test out apps as I see new releases.
  • Battery Life: I do still have issues with the battery life not being as long as I’d like it to be. Even when on the phone for a short time a day, I still use my social networking apps, text messaging and emails and my battery life seems pretty short. To increase your battery life, you can set your background to the darkest background, turn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off while you are at home and turn the vibrate option off unless you are in a situation that you need it.
  • Copy and Paste: With the iPhone, I was able to ‘select all’, copy and paste an unlimited number of times. With the Windows Phone, you are able to copy and paste, but the copy is to drag and drop your selected area, copy and paste – just once is the allowed time to paste. This is very easy to do. Should you need to paste multiple times, simply go back to your copy area and re-copy the area, then you can paste it where you need it.
  • Ringtones: You are not able to upload or create your own ringtones. All ringtones must be purchased through the Microsoft Marketplace.

What do I think about the Windows HTC 7 Pro, just one month in to using it? I love it! There are a few things that I hope to see change in the upcoming new releases, but overall, I am highly impressed with it!

I will have lots more info on the Windows HTC 7 Pro to come, including how you can write, store and share your Microsoft documents.

There are oh, so many, more features that this bad boy does, but I wanted to share with you my current month’s progress as to what I have learned about this technological genius.

For more information on the Windows HTC 7 Pro, be sure to check out the Windows Phone section on!

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  1. I like most of the things about HTC 7 Pro, but I have a problem battery life it just so frustrating.

  2. @Lou Lange, Is that back up assistant through your carrier, Verizon, or with the phone itself? With mine, I have Outlook as my email so all my contacts are automatically integrated with the phone through an Outlook plug in on my computer.

  3. My only beef w/ ANY Win 7 Phone through Verizon is the lack of backup assistant. I need to be able to reload my contacts if my phone dies. Otherwise – solid phone. :-)