Windows Live Photo Gallery

I love to take pictures, but most of all – I love to share those pictures! What would you do if you were able to create your own panoramic view using the images that you take, but don’t want to spend the money on a lens or equipment to take those pictures? What if you could do it for FREE? No, I am not insane…. I have to share with you an amazing FREE software from Microsoft called Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Windows Live Photo Gallery

Make your photos really stand out with the powerful and easy-to-use editing tools in Windows Live Photo Gallery. Fine-tune photos, remove blemishes, fix red eye, and more. Photo Gallery’s automatic editing features make editing entire batches of photos quicker than ever. Now you can even import and work with RAW files in Photo Gallery.

Photo Gallery: Creating a panoramic stitch

With Windows Live Photo Gallery, a photo isn’t limited to what you can squeeze into one frame. Now you can stitch several photos together to create a panorama. This is a great way to capture photos of landscapes and other subjects that are too large for a single photo.

I have to show you how I went from this:

Windows Photo1

to THIS!

DSC_0002 Stitch2

Isn’t that gorgeous?!?! I LOVE panoramic view pictures, but for my Nikon, the lens and filter that I need are a bit out of my budget for right now. I have been playing around with the free photo editing software, Windows Live Photo Gallery, and I wanted to share my experience and walk thorough.

I was in Balltown, Iowa this weekend,and there is this simply breathtaking scenic outlook where you can pull over and take pictures. Every time we go to the family’s cottage, I have to stop and inhale this gorgeous view.

First off, you need to download Windows Live Photo Gallery. It’s FREE, did I mention that?

I started out with taking all my images off my memory card and adding them to my desktop in their own folder. I called it ‘Scenic Outlook’. (As seen in the 1st screenshot above.) I opened Windows Live Photo Gallery and imported the images that I wanted to play with.

Windows Photo2

For my second scenic image that I created above, I selected (check marked within the program), then clicked on the top left of the program where it says Panorama.

Windows Photo6

Windows Photo6

Once you click on Panorama, it will begin stitching those images together.

Windows Photo7

Once those images are stitched in Panorama view, you can save the Panorama image, then proceed on to edit it further if you want.

Windows Photo8

Once it’s stitched, this is what you see:

Windows Photo9

The edges will be black so you can see how the pictures were put together. I LOVE seeing this! Once it’s stitched, you can go in and crop to get rid of the black. Here’s my final Panoramic picture.

Balltown Iowa Scenic Outlook

Easy as pie, as they say. Smile

I’d love to see what you come up with!

You can download Windows Live Photo Gallery by visiting Have fun!