Wisk LaundryHE Fabulous Blogger Event!

What would you do if you had a Mad Scientist on your hands?

Mad Scientist1

Last week, I had the fabulous opportunity to go to NYC for an event that changed everything about what I think about laundry: Wisk Bubbles & Bubbly Event

And of course

What does this Iowa girl do? I fly to New York City, baby!

Do you see what I see (No, I was not singing, just on an extreme high for being in NYC for the first time!)


Don’t laugh. I took pictures of just about everything. I love to picturement (document) my adventures.

Beautiful NYC from the air

Once I arrived, Hector was at the airport, with my name on a poster board. I was SO excited to see this! I have never seen my name ‘in lights’ before. LOL! So, we were walking through the airport, he realized he lost ‘our car’. What do I do? I tweeted about it. What else did you expect? We both laughed, and we found the car. Once we were on our way, I had to document my journey to the hotel.

I will admit, I have never seen these things, in my life.

Have you?

Maybe I found that funny and no one else did? 😆 (Come on! Someone PAID for a neon sign for ‘For men or women’ with cute neon .. uh.. people on it)

No comment on this other than… Uh. Can you SIT anytime?

Never seen that before in Iowa.

Where I come from, Home Depot’s are not this glamorous looking.

Ours are orange and .. well.. ‘hardware’y’ looking. Purty, huh?

Hector was simply amazing! He knew that this girl had never been to NYC before, so he was fabulous with introducing me to the NYC area.

We arrived to the hotel; gorgeous, it was!

Walked in to a friendly staff, beautiful structures…. Even though I had to wait 5 hours for my room, I was ok!

Stacy from Mom Central Dm’d me on Twitter, asking me if I was in town yet.

Currently, I was on the 10th floor of our hotel, wondering where everyone was. See those ‘ants’. Yeah, they are people. LOL

Beautiful view from the 10th floor!

I am ready for Lego blocks to be thrown, but I have never heard of Sephora before Stacy and I took an adventurous walk around NYC. She introduced me to the best place I have ever shopped! Stacy and I went around NYC, sightseeing and shopped and just had a great time! I was drooling when we went in Sepora’s and saw that Ben & Jerry’s made body wash & cream. Love me some B&J’s! I had to think about my bestest friend Laurie!

I ended up buying something for myself that I never would buy. Perfume. Love this! Thank you Stacy for making me realize that I DO deserve some goodies in my life!

Along comes 3:00pm. We needed to get ready, so we started to venture to our hotel to get cleaned up for the Wisk Bubbles & Bubbly Event. I was SO excited. More than I can express in words.

I got checked in and my room was gorgeous and so welcoming! Not only did the front desk have a lethal cupcake for me to ‘try to avoid’, they had the friendliest staff I think I have ever had.

Lethal cupcake that I avoided…. Until later on when I just licked the top. I promise, it was just the topping…

I have never seen artwork in room before. Simply beautiful!

Gorgeous light:

After getting ready, we all met downstairs, where a fabulous group of ladies and gentlemen met to ride a bus over to Bubbles and Bubbly!

We were met with ‘bubbly’ people, then shoved (just kidding!!!) in a room that was set up SO amazing! Oh. My. Gosh! Bubbles everywhere!!!!! Loved it! There was a TV mounted that we could see all the ‘tweets’ that were refreshed every few seconds. SO COOL to see!!

While we were at the event, we were able to see what outsider’s thought about bubbles. Were they good in laundry, were they bad.

We learned that bubbles are BAD in your laundry, but GREAT in your champagne!

Bubbles here…..

Bubbles there.. Even if your bubbles are being ‘read’ from Cat!

Have you ever had YOUR bubbles read?

Bubbles are a road map in to a person’s soul. Did you know that? I have to agree with this. I have my cards and palms read, and these readings are so true and so real!

Soak in these bubbles and you will bubble all the ‘thoughts’ away.

We then had a chance to try out Wisk vs. Wisk HE.

I was so surprised what I learned!
Not only did I learn the difference in bubbles….

but after performing our own tests, Wisk HE has LESS bubbles, I learned that my laundry isn’t as clean as I thought it was!

What does less bubbles mean? Well – less bubbles in laundry = less mold and yuckies in your laundry!

Seriously – this picture was taken from a scientist from Non-HE users’ laundry. YUCK!

Even Audrey agreed ‘YUCK!’

Once we were done with our experiments, I had to show my thankfulness to the guinea pigs.

While I was at the Wisk Laundry HE Event, not only did I learn about laundry and champagne testing, but I also learned about my ‘bubbles’. I learned SO much about my surroundings. I learned so much about my friends, my surroundings and the positivity around me. These, are my BUBBLES!

Thank you to Wisk & Laundry HE for this image. I took a picture of this picture while at the event.

I had a blast at the event, learned so much, met up with familiar faces and met some new friends along the way.

LaundryHE.com (You might have seen people tweeting about it using the hashtag #WiskNYC).

For those who couldn’t be at the event, you can take the online bubbles quiz and enter for a chance to win an HE Washer and Dryer (it’s red too!) and daily giveaways for Wisk HE detergent in their Bubbles & Bubbly contest.


  1. sounds like it was a blast!

  2. i can honestly say i have never used wisk. Do you recommend it over tide?


  3. Looks like it was a fun event. You get invited to everything. 🙂 You deserve it though, you ‘re amazing

  4. I really enjoyed your post, but I just wanted to let you know that the picture of “Beautiful NYC from the air” is, I believe, Newark NJ. 🙂

  5. Holy pictures batman! You crack me up!