Not so ‘Wordless Wednesday’ – Tucker’s surgery *Warning, some pics may make you squeamish*

What we thought was a mole, is what the pediatrician has called ‘Frepmon’. He said it’s VERY rare and isn’t even online to search for. Basically a rare infection inside the skin that keeps growing. It starts out looking like a heat bump or tiny pimple, but slowly grows and ends up needing to be cut out & removed. We went to a reconstructive facial plastic surgeon on 4/23/12 and within 30 minutes, this was cut out and Tucker did AMAZING! He flinched during the needle prick to numb his cheek, but other than that, you can tell by the pictures that he didn’t move an inch. He did amazing! So proud of him!

*warning, some pictures may make you squeamish, but I’ll warn you before the main graphic picture in case you want to X-out *

I’m sharing these all with you so that you can see why I am SOOOO proud of my 6 year old for being so good & laying there so still while the surgeon removed this off his face.



While waiting in the doctor’s office. He wasn’t too scared, can you tell?


Once they put him on the table, he asked me to go get his bear and his blanket. He was a little lot scared at this point. They put a thick numbing cream on the mark and it made most of his cheek numb on the outside so that they could administer the Lidocaine injection.. which ended up filling up his entire cheek, turned it white from the liquid, but was for the benefit.


He asked me to take pictures so he could see what it looked like, this is why I have so many pictures. Also, he wanted to show daddy how brave he was. Plus, he knows mama always takes pictures of just about everything.


Here’s where it gets graphic. Not too much blood, but I had to share what he went through, how still he was and how this procedure went.


Here’s another gross part. This is the mark. We aren’t sure what it is, but we were told that it isn’t a mole. The surgeon dug deep within the cheek tissue and made sure to grab the growing veins. I asked to see it, and Tucker was laying on the table looking at it saying ‘Whoah!’

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All stitched up. We will go back next week to have the stitches removed. You can’t really tell he has stitches since the band aid is glued on to his skin.

2012-04-23 12.12.51527525_3893768787225_1369202388_33703423_835696558_n

After we ware done, his requests were:

  1. Go to Toys R Us and buy a prize. Instead of one, we got 3… Backyard Safari Adventure goodies.
  2. Go to Buffalo Wild Wings for a late lunch

I was more than happy to oblige.


When we got in the car and were heading home, he asked if he could play with some of his Backyard Safari Adventure goods. Again, I was more than happy to oblige


We will find out what the pathology report says, and have stitches removed next week. I am so proud of him for being such an amazing patient! I really thought I was going to have to sit on him during it to keep him still. Thankfully, it didn’t resort to that.


  1. What an amazing little boy. It’s not easy to have a doctor work on your face. I used to assist a facial plastic surgeon on procedures in the office like that and adults have a really hard time sitting still because they can see the instruments out of the corner of their eyes and it freaks them out.
    Very good for Tucker, he is such a brave little boy. Praying that everyhing works out well with the pathology report. :good:

  2. So proud of you Tucker!

  3. He did great with that! Plus…… he is probably pretty pleased he has both stitches AND a tooth out (most boys like that) and got toys too 🙂 He is such a cute kid!

  4. What a brave guy! That didn’t look very comfortable at all!

  5. such a cute and brave little boy you are very lucky :bye: