Not so ‘Wordless’ Wednesday: Beautiful Donation

We are about to donate Kambry’s 10 inches *gasp * of hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. This is a program that creates and makes free, real-hair wigs for women with cancer.

I just texted daddy a pic saying ‘look at Kambry’s new do’. I think he fainted. He wasn’t excepting this, but this will be sooo perfect for the upcoming summer. Kam LOVES it!





She asked for a pink feather, so not only did she get a pink one, she got a pink AND another white one.



2012-05-01 12.51.26

2012-05-01 13.43.252012-05-01 13.43.45

Kambry is so excited to get her 10 inches of beautiful hair packages up and sent off for donation. Are you looking to get your own hair cut, or your little ones’? Look in to donating your locks of hair to a valuable place like Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths Cause.


This is not a sponsored post. We simply needed a summer do and thought the Pantene program looked like a valuable resource for us to donate to.


  1. LOVE her short summer hairstyle! I really like to see kids donating… it is something you can do all your life and it is such an easy donation- just grow your hair! She also will remember doing this, and how good it feels to think some other person is going to feel better about themselves.

    WTG KAM!

    (also donates!)

  2. Wow! What a sweetie pie!! She looks beautiful with long and short hair the same. Wonderful thing you gals have done!
    Nice way to spread the word too!