Faber-Castell: Young Artist Texture Painting Set *Giveaway* (Closed)

Tucker is so creative! His little imagination runs wild and what am I to do? Let it run free! Since becoming a stay at home mother, I have been looking around for things for the kids and I to do, and for the kids to do together. Cost is a big factor in things that we do, so when I saw Faber-Castell’s Young Artist Texture on the Creativity for Kids website, I was so excited to check it out.

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Young Artist Texture Painting Set (#14513)

Experience the joy of creative artistic expression. This 12 piece set has everything you need to experiment with color, texture, paint and patterns. Includes 5 colors of washable tempera paint, 5 texture tools, paint tray and 20 sheets of paper. And, a fully illustrated instruction guide that includes paint mixing chart, tips and techniques.

MG thoughts

Young Artist Texture Paint SetI am in love with this set! First of all, the price. We all notice prices, right? The price is under $18.00. You cant beat that, for what all is included. This is a 12 piece set in a reusable bag that includes all that you need to make so many projects from decorating some old shirts for the kids to creating some fun illustrations that let the kids’ minds run wild! You get 5 colors of washable paint, 5 texture tools, paint tray and 20 sheets of paper. The texture tools are so cool! They are ‘brushes’, so to speak, that have different designs on them.

  • Rake top
  • Tire tread
  • Waffle top
  • Mop Top
  • Sun Burst

These designs are so fun! Your little one can mix and match colors, use the brushes to create countless designs and pictures.

Included is a guide that shows you how to mix colors to get even more colors than the 5 that are included. There are also a lot of design ideas on how to make pictures from flowers, houses, and other silly designs. I let Tucker go free with it and he had a lot of fun with the paint, saying the color names, mixing to create new colors, and what I saw that he learned a lot of was patience. This is a great kit for any child! Ages recommended are 5 and up. With Easter right around the corner, this would be a great Easter Basket gift idea!

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For more information, please visit Faber-Castell, where you can see many other fun projects on the Creativity for Kids website at www.creativityforkids.com.

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